Saturday, 21 September 2013

#SBBC Day 21: Advice to Others About Blogging

If I could advise anyone about blogging it would be to blog about what makes you happy.

I absolutely adore make-up, shopping, and all things beauty related, but I still blog about the little things that make me happy. Being able to be there for people who struggle with anxiety, depression, food and body issues, etc makes me just as happy as Beauty Blogging which is partly the reason for Mental Gealth Monday, and the entire reason I still talk about MH on this blog. My struggles don't define me but in some ways I am proud of them. They made me the version of myself that you guys get to interact with. 

I blog about the things I think I am good at, the things I know about - and so that makes me a reasonably good blogger too.

Always do what makes you happy, both in the blogging world, and beyond!