Sunday, 13 October 2013

Soap And Glory: Glow All Out

Soap & Glory are a brand synonymous with all thing sweet smelling and girly.

You only have to look at the packaging to see that. Pin-Up girls, pink, stars, and clever word-play are all part and parcel of their aesthetic. And, as most of us know, their bath and shower range are to die for. I, for one, would be lost without their Sugar Scrub and The Righteous Butter!

Today however, I took the plunge and picked up one of their make-up range in Boots. There is currently an offer on (3 for 2 on all S&G cosmetics) but since I didn't want to part with too much money, and since I am a highlight powder addict at the moment, I picked up their "Glow All Out", which is packaged as a "Luminizing Radiance Face Powder".

What It Says On The Back:

"Sweep a brush lightly across powder surface, then dust lightly onto your face, neck and shoulders (because that's the way it glows).

First, let me talk about the packaging. I am a sucker for a nicely packaged product and this is no different. It comes in a lovely white compact, adorned with a retro-style, black-and-white pin-up girl, emblazoned with "Glow All Out" in gold type, and festooned with stars. I adore it. The compact itself is made of heavy card, and has a magnetic closure.

Inside, you'll find a dinky mirror just the right size for touch ups on the go, and the pan of product.

The powder itself is pink-toned with a lovely sheen. It's buttery soft; We're talking Urban Decay levels of blendable, here! I am very impressed with it. It highlights nicely, without looking too stark, or being noticeably pink. Definitely one for my girls with a pink undertone.

I think that this is a gorgeous product, and well worth the money. I don't think it can be touched by budget brands like Catrice though, not when the quality is up there with high end labels like Urban Decay. It simply cannot be done.

€14 is quite reasonable for the size, and the quality, and hey, supermodel cheekbones for that price is pretty good by my standards!

What do you make of Glow All Out?
Do you think it's all its cracked up to be?
Let me know if you would like to see a comparison post of all my highlighting powders together.