Friday, 10 January 2014

10 Day Challenge Day 3: 8 Fears

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8 Fears. God help me. 

8. Being Alone. I am deathly afraid of being deserted and left alone with nobody. It makes me shiver just thinking about it. 

7. Failure. I want to be a successful person, who kicks ass and takes names. I was distraught when I failed my driving test. 

6. Medical Procedures. Christ, the thoughts of having any kind of surgery or treatment where there are...instruments (bleargh) used... Nope. Cant be doing with that. Thanks, but no thanks.

5. Heartbreak. I think this one is pretty self explanatory

4. Panic Attacks and Depression. I've beat Panics, and still have struggles with depression, but I'm terrified of them creeping back up on me again.

3. Moths. This one is a bonafide PHOBIA. I f**king hate them. I cannot even cope with that bit in The Silence of The Lambs... *shivers* 

2. Being Murdered/Raped/Kidnapped. I've read books about Josef Fritzl, about murder cases and the whole kit'n'caboodle, and I am terrified of being the victim of anything like that. Even being mugged is a fear. 

1. Growing Up. I'm 21 years of age, have been standing on my own two feet since I finished school, don't rely on my parents for money or anything of the sort and yet, the concept of being an actual grown up adult person scares me witless. 

What do you make of my fears?
Tomorrow, 7 Wants!

Amy xx 

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