Saturday, 11 January 2014

10 Day Challenge Day 4: 7 Wants

#10 secrets // #09 loves // #08 fears // #07 wants // #06 places // #05 foods // #04 books // #03 films // #02 songs // #01 picture of yourself.

7 Wants... This will be fun!

7. Kenya Blend. Lyons need to re-release this tea, quick sharp!! 

6. The TFiOS Movie. Can it just be out already?! The same goes for Divergent...

5. To Pass Semester 1. Ho hum, only time will tell! *fingers crossed*

4. Work Placement. I'm dying to get started. 1 day a week cooking for actual paying customers. Well, I don't get paid but its okay!

3. My Conch to Heal. I want to put a seamless hoop in it, or an arrow barbell. 

2. A Cuddle from Chris. It's been a long week. But I'll be seeing him later today!

1. I want you to be happy, whoever you are. I want you to feel ease and joy and to love yourself. 

Those are my 7 Wants. 
What do you think of them?

Tomorrow, 6 Places

Amy xx

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