Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Product Review: Wet N Wild CoverAll Concealer Palette

Hi, Ladies!

I'm sure you are all aware by now that the landing of Wet N Wild upon Irish shores was a moment of joy among the Beauty Blogging community. I can definitively state that I was absolutely chomping at the bit to get to St Stephens Green to get my mitts on some of the highly commended brand!

Concealers are something I don't have a lot of luck with, if I'm honest but I figured if anyone can change my mind, the Americans can. I picked up the CoverAll Concealer Palette and I must say, "Color me impressed!!". This palette is wonderful. The four shades, pink, green, peach and pearly white are quite daunting to behold in their pans, but are creamy, blend-able and smell divine.

The Pink shade is used to brighten blue tinted areas on the face such as dark circles or bruising. Due to the nature of the color wheel, pink is a neutralizing shade when it comes to blueish tinting. It is a highly pigmented, yet not overpowering shade. Perfect for my fair skin.

Green neutralizes redness as we all know, and this offering is no different. Again, highly pigmented and blend-able, it is perfect for fair skinned folks and sallow ladies alike.

The Peachy concealer tone, admittedly looks extremely yellow-tinted in the pan, but is beautiful on the skin. I am highly impressed with this shade as fair-skinned ladies will get a lot of use from this pan, rather than worrying (as I did) about wasting it.

Finally, the Highlighter. This is a beautiful, highly pigmented highlight shade and would be suitable for an under-brow highlight and the cupids bow.

All in all, I recommend this palette highly and will probably be including it in an upcoming YouTube video.

At €4.49, you really cannot go wrong, ladies!!

Will you be trawling your local Dunnes for this brand? Let me know!! 



  1. Ooh my similar Catrice one just broke and I had to throw it out so I will substitute with this as there were a couple of colours in the Catrice palette I NEVER used. How does the pink fare on dark circles for you? x

    1. I find the pink does the job of hiding blue-ish tones very well without being cakey! I don't have very bad dark circles though. As a palette, you couldn't go too far wrong with this though. I find I use all the shades in it, so it's excellent in that regard.



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