Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Doctor Will See You Now - Outfits Inspired by Doctor Who; 11th Doctor

The 11th Doctor is by far my favourite incarnation of the two-hearted Time Lord. His tweed jacket and bow-tie remain synonymous with The Doctor, even as Capaldi gears up to step in as the 12th incarnation. As far as outfit inspiration goes, there is far more scope for classic femininity when it comes to 11.

The 11th Doctor, or The Raggedy Doctor as he is referred to in Smiths first appearance, meets Amelia Pond while he is still regenerating, and even though “he’s still cookin’” he fixes the “hell of a scary crack” in her wall. He disappears off and we meet him again 12 years later, when Amelia is all grown up. His basic outfit is made up of items pilfered from a hospital changing room, and as he puts it “I saved the world for about the millionth time, no charge. Kill me, I kept the clothes!!” Somehow, the scatty, mismatched items making up the outfit make it perfect and it becomes iconic throughout Smiths first season (Season 5).

I chose to pair some thick, black leggings from Topshop with a floaty, long-line chiffon blouse from Uniqlo. You may want to layer a cream cami-top underneath, for the sake of modesty. Buttoned the whole way up to the collar, from there you could add a burgundy bow-tie necklace such as the one below from Etsy as a well thought out nod to Matt Smiths Doctor. To keep in-line with the aesthetic of the Doctor, I have added this beautiful, feminine tweed blazer over the top. The one I have chosen is from Red Valentino. As far as footwear goes, I would try to emulate 11 as much as possible here, opting for black leather brogue-style boots from Office. There is no need to accessorize this outfit any more than it already is, as it’s the simplicity of the 11th Doctors style that we are trying to carry off. The trick is to layer different fabrics, without overpowering the soft elements. This is why a long-line silk or chiffon blouse works well over a pair of thick cotton leggings and under a fitted, peplum-detailed blazer.

As far as make-up goes, I would again be inclined to keep it simple, with a dewy face. Play up your eyes with lashings of a good mascara and keep the lips soft. Try a pinkish nude or a very soft dusty-rose pink; MAC’s Magnetic Nude is a perfect option for myself, though you may need to find a nude that compliments your skin-tone.

Don’t forget, ladies, as The Doctor always says, “Bowties are cool!”

What do you think of this outfit?
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Monday, 3 March 2014

Quarterly-ish Favorites Jan-March 2014

I'm not the best for posting monthly favorites posts, and I haven't posted a video in months because truth be told, I don't always remember. I don't always have a lot of favorites to tell you about and I think it would be counter productive to tell you about products I've only been using for a short time.

This leaves me with a dilemma, either no favorites at all or do a less frequent favorites showcasing a bunch of things ranging from beauty to fashion and everything in between. In order to keep things ticking over nicely, I am going to try to post a larger "Quarterly-ish Favorites" every 3 months or so. Now I know it's barely into March, but I have a few things I want to talk about.

Without further ado...

In The Category of Make-Up.

I am absolutely obsessed with my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation again. Thanks to my amazing friend Shauna, I've been having quite a few good skin days. In fact, I've been going bare faced on more than one occasion in the last month or so, even on a night out. Crazy!! The Revlon Nearly Naked foundation (in the shade Ivory) is just enough coverage for my skin when I feel I need that extra help. It's not cakey, and with a light dusting of powder (for NN, I opt for Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Cool), it's matte and stays all day. A clear winner with Spring approaching, ladies!

Speaking of obsession, I don't think I've let a day pass me where I haven't used my 17 Brows That Kit. I feel naked without my eyebrows, and even if I am just wandering around the house I need to have them done, just for the sake of my own happiness. This kit is amazing for anyone who wants the whole kit and caboodle, pencil, brush, wax, eyebrow powder and an under-brow highlight, all tucked into a really sturdy case with a lovely mirror in the lid. I do believe I got it free with a €10 spend on any 17 products, but it's no more than €6 or €7 in any Boots store. I adore it and could not be without it. Honorable mentions to my Real Techniques Brow Brush for making the whole job a breeze! A killer combo, make no mistake!

Finally, I have a brilliant product, multi-use and cheap as chips! Natural Collection single shadows, in Opal. It's a highly pigmented, shimmery pearly white that can be used for a few different areas on this face. Of course, you can use it as a shadow, that much is obvious, but it can be used as a highlighter. Beware though, despite its 2.89 price-tag, this is up there with the Naked Illuminate (without the massive, coarse disco-ball glitter). Use it as a strong under-brow highlight, on the tops of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose for a super sculpted, high-fashion look.

In The Category of Hair:

I need to say this, THE REMINGTON PEARL WAND IS THE GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!! For my hair, specifically. I have very satiny, hard to curl locks, that usually require half a tin of hairspray to keep any kind of shape. I have to say though, the Pearl Wand has been nothing but the model of a totally miraculous, absolutely undeniably wonderful investment. I have no issues getting a curl to hold, in fact, I am currently writing this with the most wonderful, voluminous second day curls still in place, and only a minimal amount of hair-spray used. Impressed? You should be! Off with you now, and get one!

I couldn't pass an opportunity to give a quick, honourable mention to Batiste Dry Shampoo. This stuff was a love of mine for much of last year, and over Christmas, found itself stuffed into a drawer because I wasn't as pressed for time in the shower in the mornings. I have rekindled my affection for it though and am totally enamored with using it alongside a heat protection spray before I curl my noggin. This stuff makes life so much easier for all you busy chicks out there!

In The Category of Tan: 

I'm sure at this point your sick to death of seeing me wax poetic about the glory that is Cocoa Brown 1 Hour tan, but I am so in love that I just cannot stop harping on about it. And, it's not just the tan, it's the whole range! I cannot get over their Chocolate Whip, it makes me smell like a mini-roll, and I'm totally okay with that, by the way! Tough Stuff is the best thing to hit the Irish market in god knows how long, turning my scaly pins into smooth, soft, lust-worthy legs! 

Combining all three, Tough Stuff, Chocolate Whip and 1 Hour Tan is a recipe for absolutely perfect legs. You cannot go wrong.

In The Category of Lips:

I am convinced at this stage that Revlon use magic to make their lip products because I literally have nothing bad to say about any of their lippies, be they the Matte Balm Stains that I'm infatuated with, the ColorBurst Lip Butters, or their Kissable Balm Stains. They can do absolutely no wrong.

I am also still 100% committed to Catrice Lipsticks, particularly Matt-erial Girl and Holly Rose Wood. They're long-wearing, non-drying and less that €5 a pop! There is no excuse not to love them...

Miscellaneous Favorites:

Maybelline Brow Drama Brow Mascara,
NYC Lipstick - Blue Rose
Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil - Bling Bling
Sleek Make-Up Storm Palette,
Boots Skin Clearing Wipes
Tesco "Free-From" Porridge Oats
My iPod Classic 160gb
Bershka Jeans,
Primark Brogues,
Qwertee T-Shirts,
Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume
GiGi Gorgeous, Michelle Phan, Leighann Says and Ophelia Dagger
My Icy Eyewear Ray-Ban Style specs,
Essence Lipstick - Dare To Wear
Infinity Scarves

What are some of your favourites so far this year?? 
Let me know so I can try them out!!