Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fitness Update #2

Another week, another post. This week is a proper calendar week, 7 days, rather than 5 like the last post, which you n read HERE. I've been tracking my mileage with Map My Run, and trying where I can at least, to run loops that mean I don't get bored of my surroundings.

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Asics Gel Galaxy 7
Image: Pinterest
On Saturday: I broke in my new Asics Galaxy 7's and broke 5k!! What a good day to be alive, eh? Chris joined me and we ran a 4.4km loop to the park behind his estate, and I wanted to break 5k so much that I made him go through the park, which has loads of up and down hill terrain. Talk about finishing strong. I was dying when we got in for breakfast.

Distance: 5.18km in 42.5 minutes

I also registered for a 4km fun run on Sunday June 1st to keep me motivated and focused on a goal.

Sunday wasnot very nice but we still trundled along. After almost 4k, Chris went home and I powered around the last km just because I'm a stubborn you-know-what and then I followed Chris  home. 

Distance: 5.2km. 

Monday, I went out on my own at around 8.30am, headphones pumping out some upbeat tunes and just let it be me and the pavement. Of course, Murphy's law being what it is, meant that my original plan of doing some hills at the start, and then a nice flat route home was totally scuppered when my hills still had the gate locked on them. Boo to you Dundalk, open at dawn, ha, right!! 

When the little voice on my app told me I had 5k done, I was about .5k from home. So I did it and it sucked but I still did it, mainly because I had to get home. 

Distance: 5.4km 

Tuesday: REST DAY

Wednesday I did just over 5km in the glorious sunshine! I even remembered sun cream, though not sunglasses. I over took my uncle who was out walking but somehow he beat me home... A 5k jaunt at 8.30 in the morning is one way to get rid of a hangover, that's for sure!

Distance:  5.28km

Thursday I wasn't feeling it so I took it easy with a 3.5km run with one stop halfway through! No rest day til Monday now!! I made up for missed kilometers with a 1.5km cycle which I felt really benefited the muscles in my upper legs.

Distance: 3.63

Friday: I slept in til 10am and carb-loaded, as well as indulged in protein and salad, and then after the whole day passed I threw on my running stuff and braved the awful weather in thermals and a light waterproof jacket. Apparently my perception of distances is muck because after what I thought was maybe 5.5km, I was over 7km. Whoops.

Distance: 8.10km

Total: 32.59km

So that's my running update for the past 7 days, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and check back next week for another update, in the "run up to" my 4k Fun Run, if you'll pardon me the pun! 

Happy Saturday, 

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