Friday, 31 October 2014

The Doctor Will See You Now- Outfits Inspired by Doctor Who; Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald may be my favourite companion when it comes to her fashion sense. I adore her girly-yet-tough style and her confidence. She truly is a wonderful companion for The Doctor. I will admit though, I didn’t always like her as much as I do now, because I was a bit cut up when Amy Pond left. But time heals all wounds and now I adore her. Clara, also known as the Impossible Girl, because she appears as two separate incarnations of herself (which both die in the same episodes as they are seen in) before the third incarnation later becomes The Doctors companion full-time. 

Similar to the 9th Doctor, Clara is a big fan of the leather jacket but she pairs it with soft floaty materials, and feminine silhouettes like high-low hems and soft knits. She truly was the most stylish of all the companions. If Clara is seen wearing a dress with no outerwear, she often can be seen wearing brogues or ankle boots. Similarly, when the outfit is very feminine it will be toughened up with a black leather jacket or a structured cross-body bag. The Doctor’s Companion needs to be tough, and this can be seen in the hard-wearing elements accessorizing Clara’s outfits.

Remember! If you’re going to be a companion, you need to think about your outfit elements. You’re going to be running an awful lot, sweetie!

One staple in Clara’s wardrobe is thick opaque black tights. She wears a lot of dresses and thick black tights underneath allow her to stay warm yet stylish. Leather ankle-boots are another staple, as well as a well-fitting leather jacket. Once you have all these elements down, you can pretty much add any feminine chiffon dress and the whole outfit will look chic and polished. Accessorise with simple silver necklaces and the look will be complete and oh-so Clara!

Clara, like all companions keeps her make-up simple but plays up her beautiful eyes with simple winged-liner and volumising mascara. Her hair is almost always left natural and looks beautiful simply left straight and sleek. No Doctor wants their companions preening themselves in front of the mirror when the world needs saving, do they?!

Clara Quotes:
“Run. Run you clever boy, and remember me…”

“Please don’t change.” 

What do you think of this Clara inspired outfit?
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Thursday, 30 October 2014

90's Grunge

90's Grunge

90's Grunge by redlipsredhair featuring Madewell

With the 90's coming back in vogue, lots of things are making a comeback - not that some of them ever left, mind you!! Beanies, chokers, scrunchies and tartan are all making a major reappearance, and with Autumn making its presence known here in Ireland, it's time to embrace the warmth of the late 90's. 

My two favourite facets of the 90's style are the comfortable slouchy pieces and fitted grunge fashion. 

Teaming black skinny jeans with a classic, loose-fitting red plaid flannel shirt and Dr Martens is the quintessential aesthetic of the 90's. Pull a beanie over your wild bed-head and you're there! Extra style points for the stretchy chokers we all coveted as kids and some cheeky stud earrings. Of course, if beanies aren't your thing -we don't all have a head for hats!- you can throw up your hair into a high ponytail and wrap a scrunchy around it. 

This is my favourite 90's trend at the moment, though admittedly I wear this kind of thing regularly, perhaps I've never quite let go of my love for my decade! 

What is your favourite comeback trend from the 90's?? 


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Review: Water Wipes

Every time I pass these wipes in Tesco I come up with an excuse not to buy them... Well not any-more!

Image Credit: Dollies Little Angels
These wipes are wonderful, not necessarily for the removal of a full face of make-up, because we all know wipes are the worst thing you can put near your skin, but for refreshing and cooling, as well as eradicating those last dregs of mascara? You betcha!

These are absolutely amazing, totally unscented and don't burn in the slightest. I tested them myself, as well as made Chris play the guinea pig too, and he said that they were extremely sensitive, didn't irritate his skin in the slightest and were "grand" all around. He used them to cool off after refereeing a rugby match and they did their job perfectly, taking mud and sweat off his face, cooling him down and refreshing him until he got home to shower. 

Now while they are handy for taking off make-up in a pinch, I would stress that they don't really warrant usage on the likes of waterproof mascara and eye-liner, you need a proper cleanser for that. Water Wipes will take off the bulk of the foundation and other light eye make-up but they will need following up with a cleanser. 

All in all, a great little multi-tasker and well worth an investment. 


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Recommended to Red: Urban Decay Naked 3

Look at that tin!! 
Urban Decay are that brand of make-up that I am obsessed with, but also cannot justify spending a lot of money on. When you've bills to pay and a long distance relationship taking up your funds, you tend to gaze wistfully at while mumbling, "maybe at Christmas or for my birthday..."

Welp, no more!! I finally splashed out on the Naked 3, after reading review upon review, and watching countless video tutorials on YouTube, and oh boy, am I ever in love. 

I own and adore the Naked Basics, and while I was in Cork this past weekend, I found myself at the Urban Decay stand in Debenhams, debating on whether to buy the new Naked Basics 2 or the Naked 3, which I ordered last Christmas but got lost in the post. In my mind, I said, "Eff it, I'm worth it!!" and picked up the Naked 3. 

12 rosy-toned shadows, ranging from matte, to satin to glitter, encased in a beautiful, sturdy, rose gold tin. This beautiful palette comes with a double ended brush and four samples of the famed Urban Decay Primer Potion. 

To the left of the tin there are lighter shades: 
Strange; pearly pink-toned cream
Dust; rosy micro-glitter
Burnout; peachy-pink satin
Limit; light, pink toned brown/beige, matte finish

Then we have the Medium Shades:
Buzz; pink-tined brown shimmer
Trick; cool, rosy-copper
Nooner; medium pink-brown, matte.
Liar; rose-gold/mauve shimmer

The four Dark Shades
Factory; Pink/Brown satin finish
Mugshot; Metallic taupe with pink tones
Darkside: Deep taupe satin with mauve tones
Blackheart; Black with pinky red micro glitter

This palette has so many potential looks and uses, I cannot believe it took me ten months to get my hands on it. It's workable for day or night, any look from understated girly, to dramatic rock chick! 

You need this palette in your life, please don't leave it as long as I did!!


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Thoughts from... The Squat Deck [Thoughts From... #1]

Image: Pinterest
Do you ever have random thoughts for blog ideas in random places? Yeah? Good, I thought it was just me!

Today, while in the squat deck, staring at my reflection as I slowly worked through my 3 sets, I got to thinking about how strange a concept body confidence is. All the time in the gym I'm surrounded by people looking to lose weight, tone up, get "dat ass", strengthen their body and mind, and it occurs so me how strange body confidence is, at least for myself.

Body confidence has two veins for me, There is the confidence I feel within my own skin in what can best be described as a "look at me and my lovely figure, don't you envy me?" sort of way. Though I don't feel like that 90% of the time. As far as aesthetics go, I dislike my body greatly. I dont have a toned tummy, I dont have thighs that will crack walnuts, and my back isnt defined. I am never happy with what I see in the mirror. Never.

On the other hand, I am confident in my body in the sense that I adore being able to run long distances, lift weights and know I am strong -and getting stronger. I like knowing my calves are defined and capable of propelling me up a steep hill at a hard paced run. I love knowing that I will be ready and fit for the line when the time comes to get back to shooting, because I can lift heavy weights. It makes me deliriously happy to know that I am fit and strong.

Just because society says you have to look a certain way doesn't mean you can't feel it inside instead.

Personally, I would rather feel good inside than be guilted into never looking "good enough" on the outside.

The fact is, I may never look like a fitness model and thats okay, because the ability to run, to life weights, to feel good is worth so much more.

Sorry if this wasn't the most coherent piece.


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Realisation - An Open Letter


Today I realised something, and I knew it would be only right to address you as the realisation sunk in. 

Thinking your okay does not always mean you are. Up until Sunday, I thought panic attacks would never re-enter my life. I thought that by warning you of their possible cropping up, that it would render them powerless to appear in my daily life. 

Oh, how wrong I was. I told you that I had a diagnosed panic disorder, personality disorder and anxiety, with depressive tendencies. You laughed, acknowledged it, and I thought that by being open it would be okay. No such luck. Sunday morning brought with it eye bags, unease, a tight chest and ultimately a panic attack. I was terrified you would hold it against me. You said you were worried about me. Not to me, I must admit, but I have connections. I thought it would be okay and yet by Monday we had parted ways and your announcement led me to a panic so awful that it took medication and almost 2 hours to overcome. So thanks for that. I haven't been medicated in 18 months. I haven't ever had physical symptoms accompany the mental terror that I know to be a panic. Up until Sunday I knew that a panic attack is a physiological reaction to a situation wherein the sufferer is feeling life threatening danger. It is a mental thing. I know I'm safe when it happens. I didn't know that I would wind up in the back room of my chemists being medicated in an emergency situation. 

But I digress. 

Today I realised that I was not okay then, and I suppose I'm not okay now. But I know that now and I suppose it was because of you that realisation occurred to me. 

So thank you for giving me the opportunity to reflect and from here, rebuild. 

I guess you did me a favour. 

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Guess Who's Back, Back, Back, Back Again?

Red is back, tell a friend!!

Hi all! I’m finally back, after a long absence. Being broke is no fun and its only recently I’ve been in a position to get myself a new laptop in order to blog. Being confined to my phone has been absolutely no fun at all. Anyway, I’m back now and I’m better than ever!

So with that in mind, keep your eye out for new entries on this blog!

Love y’all!


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