Sunday, 28 December 2014

Smiles of 2014 (pic heavy)

I know I did a 2014 Retrospective, but I firmly believe there are no such things as being too grateful or two positive. Especially when you're normally a depressive, anxious soul who hates everyone!

Anyways, I digress. My next instalment in the "Look back at 2014" is to take a few of the things that made me smile, and show my gratitude for the moments, the people, the places.

I'm grateful for the smiles shared, the laughs had, and the companies that have reached out to me, I'm grateful for the amazing dinners out, dinners in, pig outs, tea dates, coffee dates, old friendships rekindled and the new friends I've made. Old chapters have closed, new ones opened, lessons have been learned and improvements made.

The amazing scarf my mother spent over a month knitting me.
My lunatic best friend and her brilliant selfies!! 

Great food...

...great entertainment when my sister danced at Strictly...

...and great peace every time I put in hours on the road.

Making my voice heard against anti-ginger bullying...

Getting to chat with Marissa Carter about the Oscars!!!

THIS MAN and his continued presence in my life through music and words.

Getting to win THIS dress!!

My Internship workplace making me this...

Cork in all its beauty, both county...

...and the bustling City

The last selfie ever taken on the Martin Kelly field. 

The driving range with my Rory McIlroy...

...and my awful attempts to hit that stupid ball! 

Running with these two!!

Old photos from old times!

Seeing my sister complete her first ever 5k... she now runs every week.

Actual ploughing at the NPC. 

Oh my god... THIS BREAKFAST. Eggs Benedict, I love you...

Making little jokes about my mental state... I find them funny most of the time! 

Marathoning Black Books... twice!

Waking up with this beautiful man...

Singing along to Muppets movies with Anna in Cork...

...Telling bad jokes to the bar staff in Bru's with these two...

and hitting the tiles with this lot. 
I'm truly grateful for all the experiences surrounding these pictures, they made me smile when they were taken, they make me smile now. I look at these pictures and all of the bad points of 2014 don't seem even vaguely terrible. Great friends, great experiences, great laughs and great memories. It really is a great life.

Here's to 2015. 
Let's make it the best one yet!!

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  1. Aw love this post so much! Looks like you had a great 2014 and I hope you had a lovely christmas and have a happy new year too! I think I may do a post like this now ;) xxx


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