Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The 10 Day Challenge; Day 1: 10 Secrets

Hey all! So I have decided to do a 10 Day Challenge here, and I'm hoping you will join me on this journey. I spotted this on A Bullet To The Head, the blog of the ever lovely Hannah. I decided to give it a whirl as it look fun and different to the usual stuff I do. So, without further ado, here we go. 

Oh, and just so I don't confuse anyone, I'm going in backwards order, from 10 to 1. 

Here are the daily challenges: 

#10 secrets // #09 loves // #08 fears // #07 wants // #06 places // #05 foods // #04 books // #03 films // #02 songs // #01 picture of yourself.

Ten Secrets...

1. I don't believe in holding grudges with people, but I do get very angry and can be mad at someone for days. Once I forgive, I forget about it though. Life is too short to waste your time and energy being mad at someone for a long time.

2. I'm what you might call a total Oxymoron in life. I love socializing and being with my friends but I would just as happily stay in my room alone for days on end and interact with nobody. The same goes for food; I love food, hell I'm studying it in college but I don't eat like everyone else, I eat when I'm hungry and I can push a plate away even when I'm not full. 

3. I cannot sleep in an untidy room. It's one of my less attractive qualities, as I will clean Chris's room for him when I stay over and then he gives out that he can't find anything. I also have been known to stay up all night and clean my room. It's a sickness!

4. Charity shops are one of my ultimate weaknesses. I love rummaging through secondhand and charity shops for bargains. Most of the time I just buy books, but I have a few tops and jeans that I get compliments on all the time, which have been pre-loved. 

5. I'm a worrier over the stupidest of things, yet when it comes to important things like my driving test, college exams and stuff of that nature, I don't know how to worry. I prepare to the best of my ability and then let the rest happen naturally. 

6. When people ask me what my favorite movie is, I just say the first thing that pops into my head and it generally isn't my favorite because I find it so hard to pick just one. Dirty Dancing, Mean Girls, Resident Evil, The Social Network, Bridesmaids, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, all the Harry Potters, the old Clash of The Titans, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Nowhere Boy, 28 Days Later, Brokeback Mountain, The Boat That Rocked, they're all up there. My go-to answer is usually the LOTR Trilogy though, because of my LOTR tattoo.

7. If I could, I'd have two full sleeves and my chest tattooed, my tongue and lip pierced, and my ears stretched. That would make me so happy! 

8. I alphabetize all my DVD's out of some effed up need to be totally anal all the time! I did try to do it with my books but I couldn't. It wasn't the same.

9. My favorite way to escape is by heading to a cafe, with a book and just drinking tea for hours on end while I read. 

10. Once there's a good beat, I'll dance away like there's no tomorrow. It doesn't matter if its cheesy 80's pop or something from the charts, I'll go for it, hell for leather!

So there are my 10 "Secrets". 
Tomorrow, I'll be sharing 9 Things I Love.

Amy xx