Sunday, 12 January 2014

Trend Talk - SS14 @ Fashion Week

If you have been around my blog for any length of time, you will know that I'm not terribly "fashion forward". I admire fashion, but that's it. I'm not very good at being "chic" or ahead of the curve by any stretch, but I know what I like, and I know what I don't like. So, with that in mind, I'm going to take you through the trends of the moment that I am digging in a big way, and the ones I hope don't take off for the sake of my sanity.

I think we'll start with the trends I don't like. 


Can someone explain to me why it's "chic" or "trendy" to wear a see through dress? I just don't understand. 

To me, the idea of anything sheer, with the intent of flashing your undies is absolutely ridiculous. I feel sorry for that model in the picture above, you can clearly see her chest and that, to me at least, is the furthest thing from sexy. It leaves nothing to the imagination... 


I really don't understand the appeal of cat-suits or play-suits. You need to be a certain kind of person to pull them off and I'm just not. I have no clue why people like them. Onesies are okay when they are being worn to bed but nothing more is acceptable. 

 I really don't like this play suit pictures above, I don't get what is appealing about it at all. To me it looks like thermal underwear that I would wear to an outdoor shoot. I will however cut some slack for the one below, because it has some aesthetic merit. I reckon someone like Gwyneth Paltrow would rock it.

I could go on and on about trends I don't like, but I think it would be best to move on to trends I'm really digging! On we go!

Wednesday Addams Esque:

I love all things black and gothic, even though I have put those days behind me myself. I still have a penchant for monochrome, despite having my own personal style evolve. One particular designer that stands out is Betsey Johnson. She's the wild-card of the fashion world and she makes the catwalk fun, at least in my estimation. Check out my top picks from her new line!

I would easily wear both of these in a heartbeat!! The pomp and frill is girly enough to make these fabulously gothic dresses wearable and very on trend for the coming season. I will definitely be taking some inspiration from these and pulling a full on Carrie Bradshaw at some point. 


From full on biker, to chic accents, I adore leather and the fact that it's going to be in for another season has me all a-quiver. Not that I am one to sheepishly follow the crowd, but when it's in style, I feel like I blend a bit easier.  

Carmen Marc Valvo, (a name I have never heard of, if I'm honest), seems to hit the nail on the head for the woman who doesn't want to be totally leather-clad. A small accent is enough to keep the outfit trendy without shortening the lifespan of the piece. 
Carmen Marc Valvo @MBFW2014
Gatsby Glam:

Any of you who follow me on the Twitter will know how much I adore the Great Gatsby, and I'm still obsessed with it. It's a sickness! With that in mind, any excuse to keep the 20's alive is alright by me. Check out this offering from Diane Von Furstenberg... 

Diane Von Furstenberg @ MBFW 2014
Doesn't it look amazing? It totally captures the opulence of the filmic era as well as the style of the time itself. Well done, DVF!! 

Well, there you have it, some of my favorite trends for the coming season and some cringe-inducing design choices. What do you think of the upcoming trends? Do you wait with bated breath for Penneys and TopShop to unveil their new lines? Drop me a line! If you like this kind of topic, I will try to publish more. 

10 Day Challenge Day 5: 6 Places

#10 secrets // #09 loves // #08 fears // #07 wants // #06 places // #05 foods // #04 books // #03 films // #02 songs // #01 picture of yourself.

I suppose I could have included some of these in my "7 Wants" yesterday, but luckily I didn't. 

6. If I could visit places from books, I would do it in a heartbeat. Westeros, Middle Earth, Panem... Those would be nice to start with. Maybe a trip to Wonderland too. And Rosewood, while I'm at it. 

5. Wales. I love Wales beyond all reason. The people are so friendly, the scenery is to die for and they have so many fluffy sheep! The last time I was in Wales I went with my sister and it was great. I must go back for a visit soon. 

4. Germany. I have a bit of German, and I've never had the opportunity to use it. I would love to go for a long weekend to Berlin to experience the culture. 

3. America. It has always intrigued me as a country, the people seem to be very nice from the limited experience I have of Americans and come on, the shopping, the weather, the space?! I wanna go, nooooow!

2. Portugal. I haven't been in almost 10 years and I would love to go back there, to the same resort and everything. When we were there we made friends with the owner of this bar and restaurant, and we had our own private pool. Decadence at its best. 

1. Helsinki. It is my lifes ambition to go to Helsinki and experience the culture, the food, the music over there. I am a huge fan of the Finnish Love Metal band HIM and I would give anything to see where it all started. 

What do you think of my 6 places?

Tomorrow, 5 Foods. Mmm, can't wait!

Amy xx