Sunday, 19 January 2014

Micro-Trend: Blue

Following on from my post about the Spring/Summer 14 runway shows of New York Fashion Week, I thought I would make a short series and highlight some micro trends for you. 

Blue is absolutely HUGE this coming season and it's easy to incorporate blue into your look without having to shell out a small fortune. 

I'm conscious that not all of my readers (or indeed myself) are lucky enough to be employed, and a lot of my readership is made up of students too, so I don't want to include anything in this post that may be too expensive. 

(my nails don't ever look this good)

If you are looking for a pop of blue on your nails, then look no further than the budget brand beloved of almost every beauty blogger, NYC. Their "In a New York Color Minute" range has a fabuous offering, Water Street Blue. It's a bright cerulean shade that will see you through the SS14 season with ease. 

A steal at €1.79 in most Penneys. 


If you're like me and you love a touch of sparkle, then hop into any decent Tesco and pick up Sally Hansen's gorgeous Salon Manicure gem, Mermaids Tail. 

It's a tad more expensive, at €8.99 but, as we all know, the Salon Manicure range has incredible staying power. 

TOP TIP: Pair it as an accent nail with Water Street Blue for a beautiful, seaside-inspired mani. 


If its accessories your after, TopShop is your only man. 

Check out this glorious chunky blue chain. Top a slouchy grey tee and a pair of blue-jeans with this, and you'll look effortlessly chic, even on your laziest day... 

If you wanted to dress this up you could pair it with a black high-waisted skirt, a crop top and some killer heels. A pop of color will instantly add interest to any monochromatic outfit. 

Buy it HERE for £12.50.

You could also hit up your nearest Penneys and get yourself a beanie, or a scarf, even a cardigan! I have to say, this micro-trend just blue me away! Geddit? 

What do you think of the blue micro-trend? Will you be incorporating it into your everyday look?

Stick around for another Micro Trend post coming soon!!