Monday, 20 January 2014

Motivational Monday 20/1/14

It's almost the end of the first month of 2014, how crazy is that?! 11 months left to go, more or less. So, lets bear that in mind for today have a good time today. Monday isn't all bad, really!

Today, the song to set your week to is a classic, and i know it may not be to all of your tastes, but I can't help but get pumped when I listen to this. I even played this before I went for my driving test! 

Allow me to hark back to my early teenage years of fandom while I scream internally about how much I love this latest album by the one... the only... The Darkness with Everybody Have a Good Time. 

Hopefully this will kick your Monday off with a big smile and a boogie. It's the original line-up, too! 

For our quote, I think it's important to stay with the idea of having a good time... And who better to reinforce the belief that today can be amazing than Ralph Waldo Emerson?! 

Today is gonna rock, I know it. 

Happy Monday