Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Holy Grail Products

Watch any beauty guru on YouTube and you will inevitably hear the phrase "Holy Grail". Yes, it is a Monty Python movie, but today that's not what we're going to talk about. Holy grail products, are, for the uninitiated, the products you would invariably die without. That one shampoo you keep repurchaing? Holy Grail. That lipstick you bought 3 back up tubes of? Holy. Grail.

So today I'm going to take you through my HG products.

First, we have powder. My HG in this department would have to be the Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Loose Powder. This stuff is the miracle product your mother always told you existed. It's THAT good. I have back ups of this stuff, and I repurchase it to death. It sets your foundation without any extra tint and leaves you velvety smooth and matte. Catrice, please don't ever stop making this stuff, or I'll be all over you like a flannel. 

For €5.49, you too can use my fantastic miracle powder... Just leave some for me, kay?

Secondly, I want to talk about Chocolate Whip. This stuff is the amazing lotion brought to you by the good ladies of Cocoa Brown. I will be waxing lyrical about them further on down this post but can I just take a minute to talk about the absolutely glorious, wonderous gem that is Chocolate Whip? An OIL FREE body moisturiser, which (if you're a tanner) prolongs the life of your tan, helps it fade evenly and smells incredible. Oh my god this stuff was really needed in my life and I wont be straying from it any time soon. Cocoa Brown, will you marry me?

Next up, I'm going to bleat on tirelessly about my new favorite eyebrow powder. Step on up to the plate 17 Brows That!! This powder literally makes my brows look perfect. The compact comes with a brow pencil, a wax, a powder, a highlight and a tiny brush. I will admit the brush is kind of useless but the powder was MADE to go with my Real Techniques Brow Brush. This stuff is pretty new to the market but mother of god, it's perfection in a slick black case.

Cocoa Brown, what can I say, you just make my life complete. 1 Hour Tan hit the market about 1 year ago and I remember it took the blogging world by storm, yet I dismissed it straight off because "it's just tan". It's much more than "just tan" let me tell you. It's "bronze goddess" in a can. 

It's a golden, cocoa shade that makes even the palest (that's me), most ginger (hi, me again!) Irish chick look like she grew up on a beach in Zanzibar. I literally have nothing bad to say about it, or the company (all the girls are fantastic, very chatty on their Twitter, and always there to help). You need this tan in your life. Go now, and never look back!

Finally, I have a product combo for you. I have been blessed with relatively well behaved skin all my life, but to keep it in line, I am hopelessly addicted to Garnier Pure Active Foaming Facial Wash, coupled with my mini Body Shop Facial Brush. It's been keeping my skin soft and clear for 6 months now and I could not be happier with the results. The facial brush is gentle enough not to inspire break outs but tough enough to help the foaming wash take down any spots or blackheads before they peek out to say hi. A must for any girl looking to keep her face free of any nasties.

Those are my Holy Grail products of the moment, a select few of the myriad of bottles, cans and tubes of things I would easily fall apart without. What are your holy grail products?