Monday, 3 February 2014

Red Lips; Red Hair Turns 1: A Re-Introduction

It's now officially over a year since I first typed up a blog post and hit that lovely orange "Publish" button. I vividly remember trying furiously trying to be the best version of myself I could be because I was convinced I'd be an overnight sensation! I look back on what has, in essence, been a wild year and I can't wait to see what the next 12 months will bring! 

This time last year I was in a very different place, mentally speaking. I was severely depressed (and had been struggling for almost 2 years), taking medication to help with it, was attending multiple doctors, generally having a lousy time all around. I was also the heaviest I had ever been and HATED my body. I was fitting into a size 10 (which I know is not heavy, but I'm very slight and felt that my frame was a bit overwhelmed by the weight I was carrying). 

A few months later (sometime in the summer) I was allowed to come off my mediation, my doctors were happy with my progress and I felt, in all honesty like a baby penguin being released back into the wild. I was on my own. That was scary. It felt like I was being abandoned; Like the doctors I had learned to trust were getting shot of me. That wasn't the case though because I found something 1000x better. Blogging. Little did I know how much I would come to feel accepted and supported by the Irish Beauty Blogger community. I never was very good at making friends, though some people would say that is a complete lie with the amount  of bubbles I seemingly fizz eternally. I found my place in the world, at least for now. 

The year was hard, but looking back I think it was a memorable one with many good reasons. Making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, laughing til 2am over a bottle of wine watching Black Books with Aine, my 21st (though not the 3 day hangover), working hard at shoots (both my own, and other clubs), plenty of tea, sneaky cocktails in the middle of the day, adventures up North with Chris, twitter banter, getting accepted to a Professional Diploma course in DIT, getting my HIM/Venus Doom triptych, my conch pierced, and other shenanigans I'm sure! 

The point still stands though, that I am not the same girl from 12 months and one day ago. I am a different, new-and-improved version of myself. 

So lets have a re-introduction. 

The name's Amy, the game? Well, I have my fingers in a LOT of pies, so you can call me Pie-Fingers!! 
I believe in good books, good tea, and the comforting qualities to be found in a well wrapped burrito. I read late into the night, and sleep half of the days I'm not in college. I've been in a very happy, long-term relationship coming up on 3 years with the long-suffering trooper that is Chris. I'm grateful for my friends, boyfriend, wacky (read: maddening) family and cats. I love having the banter on what I affectionately refer to as "The Tweet Machine", shopping both with and without friends, and people watching out the window of Starbucks. I'm happier now than I remember ever being. It may also be worth noting that my fashion-blogger friends have rubbed off on me and I find myself with a sense of style in recent months!! 

To everyone who I have met over this wacky, wonderful, sometimes woefully hungover year, thank you for making this the best 12 months a girl could ask for. Stick around, because with 20,000 views and 176 posts, I'm only warming up! 

Amy (a.k.a Pie Fingers :-P)