Saturday, 8 February 2014

Review: Sleek Pout Paint - Pin Up

Hey beautiful people!!

As the name suggests, Red Lips are my thing in a big way! I love how effortlessly glam they are and how they can brighten your complexion, make you look younger yet more sophisticated and give you a boost in confidence! 

So when my Amazon order arrived on the 2nd, I was delighted to get my greedy little mitts on the Sleek Make Up Pout Paint in the glorious shade "Pin Up" a very retro red which I feel has a nice bluey-pink undertone.

Pout Paint, as the name suggests are very highly pigmented and easy to work with. The smallest little dab is all you need to make your lips look like they were plucked straight off a classic 50's poster. Absolutely effortless and very chic! It's no harder to carry a tube of Pout Paint and a lip brush than it is to carry a lipstick and a liner. 

I found it lasted well though eating was off the cards drinking did not alter the appearance of my lippie at all. It stood up to reapplication over the top of what was already there and was moisturising and glossy. Not one fault with the formula!

My one issue with it was I felt it bled outside of my lip line which is easily fixed with a swipe of a liner such as Essence Pinky Red or Isa Dora transparent Lip Fix. Certainly not fault enough for me to poo-poo the many positive attributes it has. 

At €5 a pop off Amazon, I will most certainly be getting more of these gorgeous babies in my life - and so should you!!