Saturday, 15 February 2014

NERD ALERT!! A New Weekly Segment?

Hey there ladies, I hope you are all keeping well!

It's no secret that I adore Doctor Who, the longest running Science Fiction TV series in history. I am enamoured by the two-hearted Time Lord, in all his many forms. 

It's also no secret that I've become more interested in fashion this year and as such, I'm combining the two in my new weekly segment: The Doctor Will See You Now- Outfits Inspired by Doctor Who

Image: Deviant Art, edited by Yours Truly!

In each new post, I will create an outfit that I feel best summarizes a particular character or theme within the show, such as the 9th, 10th, and 11th incarnations of The Doctor, his companions, and other notable additions to the show, such as the other-worldly beings, the monsters and historical figures. 

I hope that you follow and enjoy each post, and expect them to go live mid-week, every week until I run out of characters and themes to pick from. Doctor Who has now got 13 Doctors (not including John Hurt) and too many companions to count, so hopefully this will be a regular thing for a long time to come! 

Keep your eyes peeled for my first instalment on Wednesday, The 9th Doctor/The TARDIS. 


Review: Wet N Wild Color Icon Shadow in Nutty

Let's cut the foreplay here ladies, Wet N Wild has had me in a state of ecstasy over the last week. Every product I bought, I absolutely adore.

In the pan...

The shadow I really wanted the day I hit the stand was "Brulee"; You know, the one Leighann Says is always waxing lyrical about? Alas, it was not there so I went for the next shade over, Nutty. 

Swatched on my hand....

I am in love with this shadow to creepy, vaguely illegal levels at this point. It is the most pigmented drugstore shadow I have EVER encountered, as well as being soft, blend-able and generally beautiful on the lid. Though it looks like a satin-finish brown in the pan, its payoff is more of a satin bronze/tarnished gold. Amazing with blue eyes, ladies! I would not hesitate to wear this alone with a thin winged liner, a good lashing of mascara and a bold lip for a wearable day look!

On the lid... 

Get yourself to your nearest Wet N Wild stand, in your local Dunnes Stores and add this to your collection. It's worth every penny of its 2.99 price tag and more!