Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lip Service: Yet Another Arsehole!

Another post that may have no real point, just a stream of consciousness...

"Opinions are like arseholes, we all have one!" Didn't someone wise say that? Well, it's true.

Having an opinion is totally fine, and expressing it is a-okay too, but to shove it down your throat like it should be another persons opinion too is absolutely not.

I come from a deeply religious family (mother, father, aunties, uncles etc) and the prevailing opinion is always somehow related to religion, or God, or has some link into the Catholic/Christian faith. Then there is me. I don't care about maintaining social "norms", because contrary to what is believed in my house, normal is a vary fluid concept, and hello! it's 2014. It's time for people to stop pining for the 19-fucking-50's and roll with the times. Let people make their decisions and stop harping on about "gays" and the like being the blame for every stupid little problem...

People who use the sexuality, nationality, color, and beliefs of any other one person are the problem, from what I can see... I'm straight, but here's a fact: I've snogged far more women than men in my life, and that's okay with me. Does that mean that I'm actually Bi or a Lesbian masquerading as a straight person for the sake of an easy life? No. It means I was a normal, curious teen and experimented a bit. It's not a huge deal and it should never matter to anyone but myself. If someone find that fact out, and they don't like it, whatever. I don't worry about things that don't matter.

If you're gay, straight, lesbian, bi, you don't conform to a sexuality, you're transgender, gender-blind, or you want to shag anything that walks; I could not give a fuck. Do you know what I care about? Your happiness, darling. Are you happy? Good. If not, then lets try to find a way to make you happy. I will only take issue with a person if I think they're doing something that will hurt another. Are you gay? Great stuff!! But if you're cheating on your partner with someone, I'll have an issue with that. Not because of your orientation, because that's just wrong and it means that there is scope to hurt somebody. Cheating is not okay, no matter what. Do you see what I mean about opinions? My only opinion for that whole paragraph was on being unfaithful to your significant other. What you are shouldn't matter; Who you are is important.

Are you black, Asian, Middle-Eastern, American or from somewhere as random as Swaziland?? Great stuff, lets talk culture, lets talk food, lets go drinking, or not if you don't fancy it! Are you Baptist? Creationist? Buddhist or Hindu? Cool beans, tell me all about it, but please don't tell me I am wrong for not having a belief. Cool? Cool! Are you a doctor? Are you a cleaner? Do you love or hate what you do? Tell me all about it and lets have a laugh.

Do you smoke? That's your thing. I won't lecture you for the choices you've made. Do you like tattoos? Or do you prefer piercings? Awesome! Let's talk experiences and compare notes.

The bottom line, I suppose is that I don't judge people for nearly anything. Now, if you offend me personally, thats another thing, and I'll cover that in another post, but for the most part, I'm a firm believer in the phrase "live and let live". I'm fed up of people judging others for things that are nothing to so with them; None of their business!!

I apologize if this was another rambley, nonsensical post! 

Amy xx