Friday, 25 April 2014

Summer Basics Haul!

With a much needed day off yesterday, I met some good friends for tea and a long overdue catch up. I had ducked into Penney's earlier in the morning, but when a total creep came up to me at the GPO and asked me what I was doing there, I ran for it, straight to Penney's to await Darragh.

While I was hiding out and waiting, I saw some Basic Cami Dresses, that are absolutely perfect for Summer, for €3.50, so I decided to pick up one in Teal and one in Black. Can't go wrong with a blue tone with my skin and hair color, and well black? I have one of everything in black! It's necessary.

Just a small haul!
I also picked up a royal blue High Waited Pencil Skirt, which was reduced from €7 to €1. I can pair it with a floaty black blouse, a waist belt and a blazer for interviews. Find a similar one HERE for €7.45

Then when I got home from Dublin, I was dragged off to Tesco. After searching Penney's high and low for over-the-knee socks but coming up empty handed, I decided to have a look in the clothes section of Tesco where lo and behold! I got 3 pairs, one grey knitted pair and two plain black pairs. The grey pair were €3.35 and the black ones were €5. I could not live without over-the-knee socks for those chilly days. Who wants to be wearing tights in the summer? Not me.

F&F for Tesco Sunglasses - €6
I spent most of my walks around Dublin today trying to find a perfect pair of sunglasses for my stupid face, and once again, F&F for Tesco came up trumps! I chose a matte nude pair, something akin to Ray Bans, but without the price tag - €6! Sold!! Again, a similar pair can be found in Forever 21 for €5.90

Julia Rothman "Typewriters" Eco Journal - €9

Finally I got a new blogging notebook. This was the most expensive purchase by far, a Julia Rothman Typewriter Eco-Journal, at €9 but it's just so CUTE! You can get it from Chronicle Books for $10.95

What do you think of my summer basics haul? 
Drop me a line down in the comments and lets talk summer fashions!