Monday, 28 April 2014

#LetsTalkBlogChallenge - A Day In The Life - 28th April

Packing up my crap, last night! 
 For me, a "Day in The Life" sort of begins before I go to bed, and ends when I get to come home and relax. My days don't follow the same time scale as an average day. For me, I get my outfit/bag/college work ready the night before and that encompasses the start of my next day. Then when I'm sure I've everything sorted out, I can sleep easy and not worry about anything. Only if I have nothing of importance to do the next day does my day really start like anyone else's...

Today is going to be a long day for me, I have to print off my final assignment for my Diploma and submit it, and then take my Artisan 2 Kitchen Exam. I wont get out of the kitchen til 6pm at the earliest, and home til maybe 8pm depending on my travel choices and route. Busy, busy!

 This morning's breakfast was a super healthy (sarcastic much?!) bowl or two... it was two... of Coco Pops and Lactose Free milk.

My guts don't work like everyone else's, so I have to deal with this fun day in, day out.

 I always lay out my outfit for the current day, the night before. Last night I laid out my blue jeans, pink and blue converse and this blue jersey. This particular jersey is a Win and Win Archery shooting shirt, brought all the way from Telford from the European Indoor Archery Festival to me by my lovely friend Susan. Hi, Susan!!

I'm still reading this Lauren Conrad novel 3 weeks after I borrowed it from the Central Library. It's not exactly Dostoevsky, like! I don't know what's taking me so long.

My supremely healthy lunch of chips and beans in college. This sustained me through an exam, can't ask for better than that!

Heading home, taking selfies... You know, the usual!

Today I handed in my Artisan 2 Portfolio. A whole semester boiled down to 45 pages.

And now I'm home to unpack and get ready for another day tomorrow!!

My days aren't glamorous, and this was pretty much the least glamorous of all of them, ever! But never the less, I hope you enjoyed. If you want to join in on the fun, just check out Sarah Hammersley's post detailing the whole kit'n'caboodle here!  You can also join in on Twitter with the hashtag #LetsTalkBlogChallenge!

Drop me a comment and lets talk about our days!
Amy xxx