Monday, 5 May 2014

#LetsTalkBlogChallenge Week 2 - Summer Essentials!

Welcome to Week 2 of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge, and this week we're taking a look at some Summer Essentials! Currently the weather is absolutely awful, not Summer like at all. This is proving to be a great distraction from the awful weather...

Now, strap in, to quote Willy Wonka, "Overjoyed, enraptured, entranced. Are we ready? Yes, good. In we go!!"

50+ was always needed here... Memories! 
Factor 50+
Let me just put this out there from the start, no summer is complete without multiple bottles of Factor 50 sunblock! Honestly, I'm unable to leave the house on a sunny day without a layer of it. It's awful. The bane of my life, you might say!! I once put on 6 layers of the stuff over the course of a one day long Archery competition. Nobody wants to see the TO bursting into flames on the line, let me tell you! Maybe it's the ginge... Maybe!

A Light Cardi
I always need some kind of a light cardi, but I have no idea why. Maybe it's because of my 7st figure, maybe it's cause I'm a freak! I have got to have a cardi, something thin, just to cover me, to protect my shoulders.

A Cold Drink 
I'll leave this open to your interpretation, but unless I have a cold bottle/glass of something wet, I'm not going to be much fun. I'll be even better fun if that drink is a cocktail.

Sometimes prescription, sometimes not, sunglasses are a basic human right! I am a squinty git if I forget them and squinting brings on a migraine which reduces any possibility of banter. And, since I'm the Bantersaurus Rex, I need me some sunnies to keep the good times rolling!

Something to Read:
I am a total book worm. I LOVE a good read on a sunny day. Something light but enjoyable usually works. I have a propensity to read utter muck during the summer, evident by the fact that two summers ago I read the entire 50 Shades trilogy in a week, WHILE I was volunteering in England! Not even sorry.

Good Tunes:
Need I really say any more? My iPod is chock full of hippy-dippy sunshine tunes, ranging from Jason Mraz, to James Blunt, to Daft Punk, to Oasis, and my beloved HIM. Some good tunes and you're set to go, no matter if you're stuck on a bus, or you're sunbathing in the garden. Musical sunshine to go with the actual sunshine!

Good Friends
Always necessary, whatever the weather. Good friends make up for forgetting any of the above, and they guarantee you're gonna have a good time, even if the rain decides to make an appearance! Even when you're at a shoot in the Baltic cold mid-July, nothing can replace time spent laughing with the people who love you (and bailing out in search of breakfast!). Good times! The picture above was taken after a day training in my old Archery Club grounds, we all chipped in and got some food, made black tea and had lunch right there in the field. It was cold, but it was great!

Other Things I Love To Have, Personally. 

  • A day of shooting with my archery friends, 
  • A long hike round the country with my friend Anna, 
  • Costa Red Berry Coolers, 
  • Boho inspired Sandals, 
  • Light scarves (works for a multitude)
As always, you can keep up with all the going on on Twitter and you can follow the fun using the hastag #LetsTalkBlogChallenge and following Sarah Hammersely of At The Beauty Desk, our lovely Challenge Organizer! 

What do you like to have for the Summer? 
Drop me a comment and lets keep the chat going.