Friday, 16 May 2014

Fitness Update #1

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Image: Pinterest
I've been going on about it for days now, but if you haven't fallen victim to my incessant tweets, I took up running this week. I started on Monday, with a brisk walk, though, broken up with short jogs of about 1min a piece. It was torture, but I did it. 

Tuesday was better though it rained while I was out. I did the same distance but tried to go longer with running segments, even if it was only "just get past that big tree up ahead!". I ran, had a shower and then went off to college to sit an exam. At one point during my outing, I had to keep telling myself that I was "not going to fall/puke/die, and that I was able to get to the top of my road, now stop being a whiny bitch!" It worked though I must admit that I had to really berate myself! 

On Wednesday I went out before breakfast because I was still full from my pre-bed snack of porridge and a banana the night before and I got caught in the rain once again! I met my neighbor on the way back and we stopped for the chats but I was done in under an hour even so. I did some planks and ceiling kicks for my core when I got in before my shower.

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Thursday wasn't intended to be a rest day but a rest day it ended up being! I was in so much pain. Honestly, I've never felt pain like it... I did stretch and gently got my heart rate up before I did some planks and crunches because there was so excuse not to... Then I downloaded the Map My Run app to take my running a bit more serious and give me some structure as well as motivation. I went to bed feeling much less stiff and sore as I had woken up.

Today, Friday, I got my app all calibrated, togged out and was on the road at 8.45am. It was cool enough when I started out but by the time I capped the first kilometer, I had to take off a layer and stick it on a tree branch to get on the way back. I was delighted to have done almost 5km in 37 minutes when I checked the app after coming home. Not bad for a newb, eh?! 


Map My Run. Image: Pinterest
Map My Run is a great, free app that you can use to design routes, track an open route, count calories, keep time and a few other things too, if you upgrade. My favorite things about it are the GPS mapping of my run, the fact that is plays your music through the app and also lets you know when you've complete each KM, giving you your total time so far, split times, and plots them on a graph for you to look at later. 

Also, over the course of this week, I've listened to some awesome music and I'm here to tell you that Paolo Nutini's new album is amazing, and The Darkness and Fall Out Boy's new albums are very upbeat for running to. 

Even after 4 days running, I've noticed my mood is so much better which is good news for my anxiety and depression. I've also been eating healthily and have cut down drastically on salty, sweet, processed and greasy foods. 

Honestly, I have never felt better and and actually raring to go out tomorrow for another sweaty jaunt down the royal canal. I have a running (and complaining about other exercise moves) buddy in Kayliegh, who is also on a fitness kick so I might even drag her out on Sunday for a few km around Dundalk so we won't be as inclined to quit as if we were to go it entirely alone. Solidarity, yes? Yes. 

What do you think of this new journey in my life?
Have you any tips for me or motivational quotes??
Do share them down below and lets have the chats!