Sunday, 18 May 2014

Review: Primark Workout Wear

Getting fit is a tough; challenging endeavour, without adding on the price tag of getting decent apparel to do your running/cycling/sweating in. 

As a Penneys girl through and through I decided to make the journey to Dublin earlier on Tuesday to get some work-out wear. 

Since I am the proud owner of one pair of Nike Dri Fit shorts and I've been running in Archery shirts, which is not what they're designed for, the list was simple; Sports Bras, Shirts, and Shorts. 

The Penneys range is quite varied, from short shorts to Capri pants to hoodies and crop tops in all the colours of the rainbow... They even sell light workout equipment like Pilates bands. How cool!  

However the opinion it left me with wasn't great. It was difficult to get Capri pants for my size, a UK 6-8. Everything was from 12-14 upwards. In fact there were more 18-20 sized items than anything else, and that's fine, but I want to get fit too, just as much as anyone else. Why were there almost no bottoms in my size but the whole section was heaving with the bigger sizes? I felt quite offended, as if my size doesn't warrant a need or a desire to get fit. I can't run for more than 2 minutes without feeling the need to heave. Surely that's more than enough valid reason to need something to run in? 

Eventually I found a pair of size 8 shorts among a rack of size 18 ones. 

I must admit that these shorts are very well made, with light reflective patches and a hidden pocket which is nice. They are deep grey and pink, which as a happy coincidence, will match my running shoes very well. 

They have an elasticated waistband and a drawstring which means I can tuck my phone into them without fear of it moving or falling out. Handy, when you have no decent pockets!

I picked up two sports bras, one grey with teal trim, one pink with black trim; €6 a piece. It wasn't hard to get them on my size thankfully. They seemed to be good quality and true to size but I guess the real test comes with a run. They fit ever so slightly bigger, so I would suggest sizing down, but either way, they're really good quality and they keep your basoomas in check.

 Very good, Penneys, well done you guys!

I also picked up some trainer liners and a loose-fitting, light tank top. 

What do you think of Penneys workout gear? 
Would you invest in higher end stuff or are you tempted to save a few Euro?