Monday, 19 May 2014

#LetsTalkBlogChallenge Week 4: Survival Guide

I'm no Bear Grylls, that's for sure, but I am adept at surviving more than a few odd situations. The awkward first day of an internship where you don't want to do stuff in case the boss has other plans for you, the calling of your boyfriend by your Ex's name the first time you go to meet his mother, drunken ranting at your then boyfriend for never letting you meet family members when you're sober, panic attacks over a balloon bursting, you name it, I've had to do it!

Today though, rather than go for an awkward situation, I thought I'd go for something different.

Surviving a Two Day Archery Shoot Weekend (Aimed -ooh pun!- at the novice shooter and elite alike)

  • Before the shoot, please enter in plenty of time. People entering the night before the biggest charity shoot of the season really get on my pip. These people are always seniors who should know better!!
  • On the First day, turn up EARLY, please. As someone who has run shoots, it's very annoying to have people running in as the Equipment Inspection is taking place, or having to shake people down for their fees during a break in play. A 9 am for 9.30am start means turn up before 9 please. 
  • Don't ask the TO to move you just because you don't like one of your Target Buddies. If a shoot has sold out, then there's no way I can move you. I always tried to group people with their friends, and where I could, give people a choice. On the day, my shoot line is my masterpiece, and I wont change it. 
  • If you want to swap details (AB/CD) with a target buddy for coaching reasons, ask the person you wish to swap with before you come and bother me. I love you, but I am also trying to keep 84 shooters happy as well as you, okay?
  • Put your rubbish in one of the many, many bin bags on the fence behind the tent line, put it in your pocket, or stash it in your bow case, but keep it off my field. You have been warned.
  • Sun Cream. Please bring sun-cream, I cannot count how many poor unfortunates I've seen arrive on the second day looking like a lobster because they forgot sun-cream. 
  • The same goes for water. Drink as much as you can, then drink another litre. You will thank me afterwards.
  • STRETCH. You're reading the words of an injured archer who didn't stretch and now it's come to bite her on the arse. It's been a long time since I got to shoot alongside my chums and chummettes. Stretch, or feel my wrath. 
  • Don't hesitate to come and find me if you need the first aid kit. 99% of the time I can get you an actual medic in the form of Eamonn, if not, I will do everything in my power to help or if it's serious, call 999. My shooters are important to me, most, if not all are personal friends at this point, I don't want any harm coming to you. 
  • Make a decent lunch the night before, pasta and veg or rice salad, fresh fruit, veg snack packs, yoghurt, granola, anything you like that can be eaten cold.
  • Make the best of a bad day if you don't have the luxury of a sunny weekend.
  • Have fun, take pictures. 
I hope you enjoyed my latest addition to the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge, as always, I want to take a moment to thank Sarah for letting me take part in this super fun challenge. I hope everyone else is having as much fun interpreting the topics as I am.

Do you think you could survive a two day shoot on my watch?
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