Friday, 30 May 2014

MAC Prep and Prime Lip Base - My Greatest Purchase of 2014?!

I adore MAC, they make amazing products. Sometimes though they are incredibly over-hyped. This is not one of those times.
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I bough MAC Prep & Prime Lip Base in Cork recently and sweet mother of Holy Grail, I am in love! I intended on picking up a new lipstick, but when I explained to the lovely assistant that I hated how Ruby Woo felt on my lips and wanted to try a different finish, she suggested I try Prep and Prime instead. She slicked Ruby Woo on the back of my hand, and asked me how it felt. It dragged and felt uncomfortable. Then, she slicked on some Prep and Prime, and glided Ruby Woo over that. it applied like a dream but stayed matte and there was no distortion of the pigment.


At €16.50, it's not cheap, but it works under all lipsticks and keeps the product lasting much longer, as well as being moisturizing and filling in any cracks in the surface. I haven't been so obsessed by a product in a long aul time, let me tell you. This is possibly the greatest thing I've bought all year and it's gonna take a lot to knock it off the top spot.

I promise you, you need this in your life.

Keep your eye out for my updated "Ultimate Red Lip Essentials" coming soon!

Drop me a line and let me know what other MAC gems I'm sorely missing!