Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Review: Water Wipes

Every time I pass these wipes in Tesco I come up with an excuse not to buy them... Well not any-more!

Image Credit: Dollies Little Angels
These wipes are wonderful, not necessarily for the removal of a full face of make-up, because we all know wipes are the worst thing you can put near your skin, but for refreshing and cooling, as well as eradicating those last dregs of mascara? You betcha!

These are absolutely amazing, totally unscented and don't burn in the slightest. I tested them myself, as well as made Chris play the guinea pig too, and he said that they were extremely sensitive, didn't irritate his skin in the slightest and were "grand" all around. He used them to cool off after refereeing a rugby match and they did their job perfectly, taking mud and sweat off his face, cooling him down and refreshing him until he got home to shower. 

Now while they are handy for taking off make-up in a pinch, I would stress that they don't really warrant usage on the likes of waterproof mascara and eye-liner, you need a proper cleanser for that. Water Wipes will take off the bulk of the foundation and other light eye make-up but they will need following up with a cleanser. 

All in all, a great little multi-tasker and well worth an investment.