Friday, 31 October 2014

The Doctor Will See You Now- Outfits Inspired by Doctor Who; Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald may be my favourite companion when it comes to her fashion sense. I adore her girly-yet-tough style and her confidence. She truly is a wonderful companion for The Doctor. I will admit though, I didn’t always like her as much as I do now, because I was a bit cut up when Amy Pond left. But time heals all wounds and now I adore her. Clara, also known as the Impossible Girl, because she appears as two separate incarnations of herself (which both die in the same episodes as they are seen in) before the third incarnation later becomes The Doctors companion full-time. 

Similar to the 9th Doctor, Clara is a big fan of the leather jacket but she pairs it with soft floaty materials, and feminine silhouettes like high-low hems and soft knits. She truly was the most stylish of all the companions. If Clara is seen wearing a dress with no outerwear, she often can be seen wearing brogues or ankle boots. Similarly, when the outfit is very feminine it will be toughened up with a black leather jacket or a structured cross-body bag. The Doctor’s Companion needs to be tough, and this can be seen in the hard-wearing elements accessorizing Clara’s outfits.

Remember! If you’re going to be a companion, you need to think about your outfit elements. You’re going to be running an awful lot, sweetie!

One staple in Clara’s wardrobe is thick opaque black tights. She wears a lot of dresses and thick black tights underneath allow her to stay warm yet stylish. Leather ankle-boots are another staple, as well as a well-fitting leather jacket. Once you have all these elements down, you can pretty much add any feminine chiffon dress and the whole outfit will look chic and polished. Accessorise with simple silver necklaces and the look will be complete and oh-so Clara!

Clara, like all companions keeps her make-up simple but plays up her beautiful eyes with simple winged-liner and volumising mascara. Her hair is almost always left natural and looks beautiful simply left straight and sleek. No Doctor wants their companions preening themselves in front of the mirror when the world needs saving, do they?!

Clara Quotes:
“Run. Run you clever boy, and remember me…”

“Please don’t change.” 

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