Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Picture This!

Every so often, I'm going to post a picture-heavy round-up of the last while in my life. 

A train selfie from the Cork-Dublin return journey. Loving that blue beanie!! 

Shandon Church, Cork. You can see all the cobbled streets from the doors.

See this little truffle? It was dairy-free, sugar-free, wheat-free and vegan. And it was the best thing ever!!

The view from St Patricks Hill, Cork. Shandon Church and St Annes Park in the middle distance...

Post 5km race selfie to close out the season! Love running with my man!

My gorgeous man pretending to be asleep, but the shit-eating grin gives it away. Wide awake!!

Fun times with these two. Oktoberfest takes Dundalk by storm!!

Eggs Benedict. My favourite breakfast on the face of the earth. 
Oh my god, it's the reason I'll never be Vegan. 

The Ploughing Championships was AMAZING. You need to go. 

Antonijo's Birthday, courtesy of us Zumba girls. 
He had a ball, and a 5lb chocolate cake!

Myself, Christine and my sister June, at the Donadea 5km race series.

All the mad ones at the zumba-thon! <3

Being not just a wench, but being THE wench, on Halloween!! 

Myself and my joker of a boyfriend on Halloween!

Two of my favourite people on the planet! 

This sign had me in a hoop of laughter all night long! 

When you think life is boring, or dull or crap, remember the good times that have been and the great times that will be!!