Friday, 7 November 2014

Review - Essence Frame4Fame Lashes

Natural looking false lashes... Not normally words I would expect to see all together, much less be typing out myself, but howsoever... 

Even in the package I can't get over them! <3

Essence are famed for their budget friendly, good quality make-up products. I have a few lipsticks, quite a lot of shadows, a couple of their brushes and practically every polish they have created in the last 2 years. It took a long time to wean me off their maximum definition mascara and even longer to get me away from their lovely eye-liners. 

You can imagine my trepidation seeing these lashes on their stand. The last time I saw Essence lashes, they were huge, thick, plastic looking monstrosities and I was damned if I would even risk the 3.49 they cost to see if they were or weren't as bad as they looked. 

I have to give mega snaps to the Frame4Fame 05 Natural Effect lashes because OMG they are SO GOOD and I wasn't expecting a whole heap. 

Essence, you really took me off guard. They're on a band so thin you cant even see it in the picture, and they're so lightweight they put my Eylure Cheryl falsies to shame. As well as all that, they add fullness and slight length to your natural lashes without ever giving away that you've got falsies on. How good is that?? 

To bolster my point, I applied these today to trial for day-to-day wear and even though Chris saw me apply them, he forgot they were there only to ask me about three to four hours later was I wearing false eyelashes. Result!! 

Also trying to get a picture of them for this blog post was tantamount to an impossibility because you just cant be sure they're not my real ones. I've added a picture to the right hand side here of me wearing the lashes, but I don't know how well you will be able to tell or not. 

All in all, these are super lightweight, comfortable, reusable and they are absolutely perfect for wearing during the day just to give the illusion of thick, lush, slightly lengthened lashes. And all with change from a fiver!!! Not too shabby, eh?! 

So ladies, will you be giving these lashes a go??
Let me know in the comments!!