Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Doctor Will See You Now - Outfits Inspired by Doctor Who; 10th Doctor

If I ask you, “Who played The Doctor?” You would probably answer with “David Tennant”. He wasn’t the longest running Doctor (pardon the pun), because that accolade is held by Classic Who’s 4th Doctor, played by Tom Baker (7 years) to be exact, but David Tennant is surely the best known player of the iconic alien Time Lord. Most people I know identify Tennant as “their Doctor”, paying tribute to the saying “You never forget your first Doctor”.

David Tennant’s Doctor may be the most difficult to emulate as it was absurdly simple yet masculine. A suit, tie and red converse high-tops and a long brown trench coat... C’mon, on anyone else that would look silly, but not 10. I am going to have to say here and now that I had to use some artistic license to create a 10th Doctor inspired outfit. In fact, I have created 2 boards for the 10th Doctor, one inspired by him, and one more true to the original style.

Board One: In True Doctor Style

I think first, we will start at the bottom, with the iconic red Converse High-Top sneakers. Since The Doctor is always running around saving the human race, the high top converse are necessary to keep The Doctor on his feet and comfortable at all times. The suit is a two-piece available from Amazon, and the tie is from Hugo Boss. You could layer any light coloured shirt under the suit for a perfect homage to The Doctor. Fantastic!!

Board Two: Allons-y! Inspired by 10!

Again, this outfit would be nothing without the classic red high-top Converse All Stars. The Juicy Couture roll-leg jeans add a further casual touch to this ensemble, which is needed to balance out the sleek Vivienne Westwood Waistcoat and Jacket. Throw on your Karen Millen Trench Coat, add 2 coats of a red nailpolish and you're ready to hop in the TARDIS and stop the Daleks! Allons-y!! 

Which of these outfits do you like best?

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