Thursday, 13 November 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur Primer

Image Credit: Pretty Chit Chat
Primer is a minefield for my sensitive skin. Since it's the first thing to go on, it's usually the first thing to irritate me. Case in point: I had to wean my skin onto the Rimmel Primer that graced my make-up bag for the last year. It made my skin tingle in a way that was just plainly not pleasant. But I persevered little by little and eventually it became part of my routine, steadfast and immovably etched into my life. 
Not anymo-ore!! 

Enter, stage left, the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur in Cool Rose. I picked up the anti-fatigue version a couple of weeks back and I'm well and truly converted. The liquid is a happy medium between thick and runny, allowing it to be spread quickly and evenly and worked into the skin well. There is a slight pink pigment in the product itself but it doesn't show on the skin at all. 

The pink tone is actually rather illuminating, serving to take any tired look off the skin. This allows any foundation applied over it to glow ever so slightly, even if the foundation does not specifically state a dewy, glowy finish. It also fills in pores well, though deep lines are more of a challenge... Rather than filling the deep lines, it instead keeps overlying foundation from settling into them. That's alright if you ask me!! 

The packaging for Baby Skin is a lovely peach coloured tube with a thin nozzle for easy application direct to the face if you want to use it that way. This makes it much easier to apply than my Rimmel one ever was. It can also be worn alone due to its light illuminating qualities. This takes that "skip-dwelling hobo" look of me when I decide to rock a bare face... Great stuff!! 

The fact that this primer is water-based is good news for anyone out there with sensitive skin, too!! If like me you find yourself having to build up your resistance to silicone based products, you are going to adore this. It does the job and has not bothered my skin once! 

In any pictures you've seen of me since Halloween, I've been wearing this and loving it!! 

Baby Skin retails in Boots for 11.49 for 22ml. Get it HERE

What do you think? 
Are there any other primers you think I should try? 
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