Monday, 17 November 2014

Review - Mondss Underarm Wear*

When Jane McTernan contacted me about reviewing Mondss Underarm Wear, I was intriuged. 

At the time, I was after starting a new job and I thought they would be perfect to keep me fresh in the kitchens, where the heat, the sweat and the lack of comfort can be rife. When you sweat in a kitchen, you'd want to be sure your anti-perspirant is on point. So when these dropped through the letter box, I knew I was going to put them through one HELL of a trial, just to see what they are really made of. 

Mondss are shaped like a blunt wedge shape, with sticky adhesive all the way around bar a small section in the middle of each side to allow your armpit to bend. They are SO comfortable, they're soft and they are discreet. They lasted me for a whole afternoon the first time I used them... 

Now since they arrived I got let go from that job, so I've trialled them during a hardcore session in my own kitchen, where I have no whites to conceal the sweat and the potential for whiffy-ness. I used them last time I made a cake, which took 2 hours to bake and left the kitchen absolutely stifling, and meant I had to prep, cook, clean and finish all by myself. I wore a grey-marl Hobbit shirt, known for showing sweat stains and everything was perfect!! 

Last week I wore them to Zumba to see if they would be suitable for wearing in the gym, out running or for a general workout, and I'm pleased to report that they are as much suited to active-wear as they are to wearing to work or a party. Admittedly the extra movement encumbers the adhesive and means it wont last you a whole day but if you find you sweat like a beast in the gym, these are for you!! 

Check out Janes wonderful product at
They retail for 9.99 and at the moment, if you buy 3 packs, you get free shipping! 

If you have tried Mondss, let me know how you got on!! 

*Sponsored post, all opinions are my own