Friday, 21 November 2014

W7 Prime Magic Camera Ready Primer

Anti Redness
A while back I was in The Cosmetic Outlet with Kayliegh, and I was not leaving without a primer for under my make-up. I wound up getting two W7 Prime Magic Primers. I picked up the Original clear version and the green tinted Anti-Redness.

The first thing I will say about these is you need to shake them up before you use them! I opened the clear one to try it on the back of my hand and a watery residue ran out of the nozzle of the tube. When you shake them, they mix back together, which I can only assume means they separate when left for a while. 

I've found the Anti-Redness version being used more as I have redness around the nose and on my chin. It slightly tones it down which is good enough for me, because with a good concealer and foundation, it'll all be covered anyway. It does apply well and when you rub it in, the green pigment dissipates, so you don't run the risk of the dreaded Hulk look. 

The Original, clear formula is no different to the green version, it just lacks the colour correction qualities. It's as silky, smoothing and wonderful as its Anti-Redness counterpart. If you have good skin with no redness, then your best bet is the clear one.

Other than that, these primers are silky, they fill in pores and smooth the surface of your skin. The finish is so smoothing and even wearing them alone makes your skin look better. Neither are radiance enhancing but somehow they make your skin look glowy and lovely. If you were inclined, you could smooth some of this on your skin, do your brows and be done!! How much better can you get.

These primers make my make-up last all day and well into the evening, with no breakdown of foundation that I could notice as I gawked at myself in every available shiny surface to check. I will definitely be loving these for a long time to come!! 

These primers are €8 each or two for €15 in The Cosmetic Outlet! 

Let me know if you try these, and tell me what you think!!!