Saturday, 22 November 2014

Dream Dots For Spots*

I've never looked forward to getting a spot, until the good folks at Dream Dots sent me these babies!! I have been waiting to get some pimples so I can try them and see how they fare. 

However, when you are waiting to get a spot it seems like your skin gets really good just to spite you... 

The premise is simple, get a spot, stick on a Dream Dot, go to bed and wake up with a smaller, less inflamed spot. You do this for between 1-3 nights, and every morning when you get up, the Dream Dot will have changed colour, having turned white as it works. When you take off the Dream Dot, you cleanse your face as normal. The dots are soft and comfortable, they move as your face moves but never come unattached!

The packaging doesn't tell you what the active ingredients are, but I have to say I'm leaning heavily towards either magic or fairy-dust. These things are the business, make no mistake. Add to that that they are Cruelty Free and Vegan, what more could you want from a product. They do a great job on spots, and they are not causing harm or suffering to lovely furry creatures!! 

I wish it was worth me attaching a picture of these little round dots of love, but they match my skin so closely, there's no point. I tweeted Dream Dots and we were joking about playing "Spot The Dot", that's how invisible they are. You're going to have to trust me that after two nights on a big, dirty spot, and one on a little pimple on my top lip, there is nearly no trace of either and no scabbing to boot. The redness on my chin spot is gone, the skin is soft and I'm so impressed I think I may be in love. 

Dream Dots retail for 14.95 for a pack of 24 and 24.95 for a pack of 48. You can get them in most pharmacies and on the Dream Dots website

Be sure to check out these little circles of magic, I promise you wont go wrong! 
If you've tried these, let me know what you thought!! 



*This product was sent for consideration by Dream Dots, all opinions are my own*