Sunday, 23 November 2014

Review - Sleek Single Blush - Rose Gold

Sleek Rose Gold
I love Sleek. I can't put it explicitly enough, I LOOOOVE SLEEK! Please, allow me to wax lyrical for the the next few minutes on this absolutely gorgeous, flattering blush!! 

Rose Gold is commonly beheld as a dupe for Nars Orgasm. It comes in sleek (ahem!) black packaging similar to Nars, It has a highlighting effect because of its glowy sheen, which is flattering especially in the winter months, as it makes you look healthy and your skin radiant, rather than dry and dull. 

Compared to Nars, it's more pinky-toned comapered to Nars' peach tones. It's just, if not more pigmented and lasts well for that reason. By the end of the day, it has only faded slightly, but the radiant finish had remained. 

For 5.49, this blush is fast becoming a staple in my life. For a "glow from within" look to your skin, this blush wont be beaten in terms of price or quality!! I'd be afraid, if I were you, Nars!!

Have you tried this blush??
Let me know!!