Monday, 24 November 2014

W7 Absolute Lashes

Absolute Lashes, my newest mascara purchase from W7. I'm a bit obsessed with this budget brand, and this mascara has WOWED me like nothing has ever wowed me before!!

The tube is exactly the same as the Benefit They're Real tube, even down to the font on the outside. The wand is the same plastic spiky offering, with a round spiky tip on the end to reach those difficult to coat outer-end lashes. It separates, lifts and coats each individual lash, spreading them and making them look amazing.

The formula is lovely, it holds a curl really well, but unlike Benefit, it's easy to remove at the end of the day. There's no scrubbing, rubbing or fruitless hunting for oil-based eye-makeup remover!

If you're a fan of Benefit's They're Real, this mascara might be up your street, because compared to the Benefit offering, this is cheap as chips!! I cannot justify 23.40 for Benefit, when Absolute Lashes 7.99 and it's exactly the same, if not better, in my opinion.

As I've said before about W7, you could put this on, claim it to be the high-end sister product, and nobody is going to know. Again, I wouldn't do that, because the whole world and her mammy needs to know how lovely W7 is.

Pick this up in The Cosmetic Outlet for 7.99!! 

What do you make of this mascara??
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