Thursday, 27 November 2014

Putting The "Argan" in Bargain!!

Shampoo and conditioner is not normally something I get attached to, because I flit from brand to brand like a butterfly on a rosebush. I rarely find myself as taken with shampoo or conditioner as I have with the Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner range. I picked these up in Tesco on a special offer, for 1.49 each and they've performed above and beyond my expectations. 

The main reason I picked up this shampoo and conditioner duo is because Argan Oil is known for its uses in skincare and haircare. It moisturises and seals dryness and cracks in skin and the hair shaft, strengthening and nourishing and adding shine.

The shampoo makes claims that it "nourishes and moisturises", while the conditioner promises it "rejuvenates and rehydrates". All of these claims are pretty on-point, I have to admit. No, I wasn't holding out much hope for less than three quid, but honestly, the shine, the body, the moisture and the tameness of my hair have me so taken that I may well be stepping out to stock up on a few tubes of each.

Never has a shampoo or conditioner wedged itself into my life under the Holy Grail heading... until now. The active ingredients, the scent, the lasting softness and shine, the whole lot has just wowed me. 

Have you tried these? Will you?
Let me know!