Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Seventeen Define and Conquer Palette

Contouring has become one of those things that every girl wants to be the master of! When you look at Kim Kardashian, all you see are those amazing cheekbones and her slim lovely nose.

She truly has conquering down to a fine art, and a lust worthy one at that! 

I picked this compact contour and highlight kit up in Boots and I'm very impressed. Seventeen has always been hit and miss for me, but this is a hit. 

The casing is a Nars-esque, very neat and tidy black compact with clear labelling and a big mirror in the lid (tastefully hidden behind the guide sheet in the photo). It clicks closed really nicely and it houses two large pans, one a matte, or very slightly sheen-y highlight, and a warm-toned contour. The contour powder is less pigmented and has more fallout than my Sleek compact, which makes it perfect for more subtle and natural looks, because you can really tap away the excess and blend it out to a lovely finish!

The powders themselves are so soft and silky, blending really well for a flawless look. The shades are spot-on for us paler girls, Now if you're alabaster or totally see-through I might be inclined to lean you away from this but for someone who has a freckle-ridden face, it's just fine! 

Inside the kit you will find a short 4-step contouring guide and a picture to help you along. This makes this kit absolutely perfect for anyone out there who may be a bit unsure of the steps involved in order to contour. 

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from this blogger, thats for sure!!! And for €7.49, you cannot fault this in the slightest! I'm delighted with this purchase and by the looks of things will be re-purchasing in the future! 

Have you tried this palette? 
Let me know what you thought!