Friday, 5 December 2014

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brushes

They're nice to look at, that's about it...
I've a long standing love affair with this brand, owning almost all of the range... But I'm going to say something really controversial. 

I intensely dislike the Real Techniques Duo Fibre set. Yes, I know, I'm gonna split the crowd here, but it's panto season, so I'll let you all get your choruses of "Oh no you didn't; Ohhhh yes she did!!" out now. 

I really regret this purchase. I've used them as much as I could abide over the past few weeks and I just cannot deal. I understand the premise, they're duo-fibres apply and blend all in one, for light coverage, but to me there's a difference between light coverage, and invisible. I have tried them with all manner of products and... nothing. No love, no like, no barely abiding this trio. 

The bristles are not dense enough, they're too long and floppy, they just do nothing for me. A good make-up brush really turns me on, but these? Nada. 

Even when I was actively trialling them, I was hesitant to reach for them. That says it all really. I never hold back grabbing my RT Blush Brush, or my RT Eye Brushes. 

I'm sorry, beauty lovers, save your dosh here... 

These brushes retail for 29.99 in Boots.

What do you make of these brushes?
We can have a spirited debate in the comments!