Wednesday, 10 December 2014

2014 Retrospective

Last year I wrote this post, listing 12 things I wanted to do before 2014 had come to a close. Well 2014 is all but finished and I want to have a look at the things on my list that I did and did not do.

The view of St Annes Church, Cork. 
The list was as follows:
The Ploughing. Great banter.
  1. Get a piercing 
  2. Archery tattoo from Phil at Spilled Ink,
  3. Pass Semester 1,
  4. Pass semester 2,
  5. Get a job cooking professionally,
  6. Go on holiday with Chris,
  7. Get back to competition levels at Archery,
  8. Finish the Game of Thrones books,
  9. Go to a blogger/YouTuber meet-up,
  10. Celebrate my birthday in the Vintage Cocktail Club,
  11. Blog more seriously,
  12. Pass my driving test
I only completed 7 of 12 items on this list. The first thing I did was get my conch pierced. then I passed semester one and got another tattoo from Phil over at Spilled Ink. I celebrated my birthday in the VCC with my best friend Aine, went to a blogger meet up with the lovely Kayliegh, passed semester two and gave blogging a serious chunk of my life.

Myself and John Dudley
There are things on this list that I didn't do, but there are things that are not on this list that I did, which I would rather focus on.

  • I overcame my fear of needles and had blood taken. 
  • I went to the Irish Beauty Show, which was a serious step for my crowd-phobia. 
  • I finally got to meet my beloved Tash from Natashas Wonderland!
  • Visited Cork twice to see my oldest friend Anna. 
  • Took up Zumba, running and going to the gym.
  • Took part in two Colour Dashes, a charity 4k, and two 5km timed races, as well as a Zumbathon.
  • Attended the Ploughing Championships. 
  • Learned about my character as a person. 
  • Attended a seminar hosted by John Dudley.
  • Read up on mental health and learned about my struggles. 
  • Celebrated 3 years with my amazing boyfriend, Chris. 
In retrospect, I think I had a lovely year, even though I'm still unemployed, failed my driving test a 3rd time, and didn't make my archery comeback. 2015 will be better! I came through this year stronger, with amazing friendships and for that I'm truly grateful. Not everyone can say the same.

At the Color Dash Cork

At the Color Dash Pheonix Park
I would love to hear your stand out moments of 2014. 
Let me know in the comments!