Friday, 12 December 2014

Seventeen Phwoarr-Paint Concealer

Budget beauty doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality for the saving of a few quid here and there. Sometimes, a budget beauty offering, like this Seventeen Phwoarr-Paint Concealer, is so impressive, you feel like telling people about it would be ruining it's cult status. 

Marketed as a "Heavy Duty Under Eye Concealer", this little round compact houses a thick, creamy, blendable concealer and a mirror in the lid. I wouldn't dream of putting this anywhere near my eyes. It's so thick it creases and you spend half your time touching it up, blending with your ring finger to keep it in check. It's meant to set, but I haven't found it to do that.


But for spots? Phwoarr-Paint is your only man!! It covers not only redness, but the thick, creamy nature of it hides the texture of the spot too. I've never enjoyed a budget concealer like this, ever. It's earned Holy Grail status in my stash, and it has never been put in my foundation drawer since the day it was lovingly brought home from Boots. 

For 6.99 I think this concealer could take on the likes of MAC and Benefit and live to tell the tale. 
Phwoarr-Paint comes in Fair and Medium and is stocked in Boots nationwide. 

Have you tried any concealers from Seventeen?