Sunday, 14 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - Sweet Scents*

One thing I notice about people almost immediately when I meet them, is how they smell. No matter what, your scent is a noticeable aspect of your appearance, as it were. You may not be able to see a persons scent, but it affects how you see them.

First up is Prada Candy. This scent is sweet and very girly. The longevity of this perfume is unparalleled, I've owned a bottle of this since 2012 and I've still a lot left. One spritz is plenty, it lasts all day and doesn't fade during the course of the day. The packaging is heavy and decadent, both the box and the bottle. A real crowd pleaser all-round for the girly-girl in your life!!

Prada Candy retails between 58-100Euro in Debenhams stores.

Next on the line up is Katy Perry Killer Queen, the original one, mind you! This scent will suit any rock-chick in your life, and wont break the bank, to boot! It's striking but seductive, and even the smallest bottle has an amazing life-span. The spray is not as generous as the spray of Prada Candy, but because of the difference in style, it's okay, it works.

This scent can be found in Boots and for a 50ml bottle, will only set you back 26Euro.

Finally, for a bargain for any lovely lady in your life, I have the So...? Sexy* perfume. This is perfect for a sister, friend, anyone really!! It's a mix of sweet and sexy, a nice happy medium of Prada Candy and Killer Queen. Musky, fruity and floral, this bargain buy is well able to play with the high-end big boys!! As well as that you can nab this beauty in a few different gift sets. Personally, this perfume has been on the front line, splitting its time between my dressing table and handbag. If I had a mini size, I would die happy!

For 5.20 in Boots, you can't go wrong!!

Happy Shopping, you ill-organized mess! 

So...? Sexy was sent for review. As always, all opinions are my own!