Tuesday, 16 December 2014

PS Love This Make Up Brush Cleanser

Imagine my surprise when I found a bottle of brush cleanser amongst a stand of beauty sponges and false eyelashes in Penneys in The Marshes, Dundalk - 125ml for 2.50!!!

I wasn't leaving without it, that was for sure! So I bounded to the counter and then toted it home to Chris's house to get the testing underway!!! I armed myself with paper towel, cotton rounds, my dirty brushes and my camera and got to work.
For this post I chose three of my most bothersome brushes under normal circumstances - my RT powder brush, my BCC bent liner brush and my Urban Decay Naked 3 double ended shadow brush (the flat shader end). As you can see in the picture above, there is black shadow, pigmented face powder and liner visible on the respective brushes. I spritzed a few sprays of the cleanser onto a folded piece of paper towel and started with the UD Shader running it lightly back and forth on the product - best to get straight in to the tough stuff. Colour me impressed!! As for the liner brush and powder brush? Absolutely shining, they are!!! Check out the "After" picture, below!

Because this cleanser is alcohol based, it cleans and sanitises your brushes between deep cleans (read how I deep cleanse my brushes HERE), which I do weekly/fortnightly depending on how heavy my use has been. The cleanser dries almost as soon as you've stopped rubbing the bristles through the solution and leaves them soft and lightly scented. I could not ask for better!

For 2.50 in Penneys, this brush cleanser has far exceeded my expectations. I would not have been upset if it was poor quality, because it was so inexpensive, but it's wonderful. For spot cleaning my brushes, I will definitely be repurchasing!!!

Have you tried this brush cleanser?