Friday, 19 December 2014

Lip Service - Driving Me Mad (#1)

I'm only a learner driver, and even saying that makes me feel like I should not even be writing this post. However I need a good rant and maybe this will educate a few. All of these rants are car related and pertain to driving. This post has a lot of language. I'm sorry in advance...

1. If You Can't Pay Attention Solely To The Road, You Don't Deserve Your License. 

This one really fucking bothers me, because it's SO bloody dangerous. I would sooner walk to my local village, 40 minutes away on the hoof, than get into the car with someone who looks into every driveway of every house on the road, commenting on everything they see. If you want to look around you, I'll drive and you can be the passenger. The same goes for looking at everything in the car but out the windscreen. If you can't let someone alter the air conditioning without double checking, I'm not getting in the car with you.

2. Know Your Fucking Lane Approaching A Roundabout. 

How some people passed their test is beyond me! The rules of the road has a whole chapter dedicated to this, for fuck sake!!! The left lane is for the immediate left turn. The right lane is for second and subsequent exits. You would have had to know this in order to pass your test. The two lanes are there for a reason, believe it or not!!! You don't get into the left lane and then go around the whole roundabout to take the last exist. Also, while we're on the subject, USE YOUR INDICATORS PROPERLY!!!!! If you're in the right lane, going all the way around to the last exit or to the very right, you put on your right indicator, get into your correct lane, and then when you filter into the lane to complete the action, indicate left for your exit and exit the roundabout. It's actually not hard at all.

3. The White Line IS There For A Reason, Idiot!!

If you drive along any road, glued to the white line, you are on your own, buddy. I'm not getting into the car with you. You should be in the centre of the lane, that way if someone needs to swerve out or slightly overtake something as they come towards you in the opposing lane, they're not going to wipe you out. And if perchance there is no white line, on a country road, you imagine a white line and stay to the left of it. Simples!!!

Sorry for my language. 
These things really grind my gears!! (get it?!)