Thursday, 3 December 2015

Things They Don't Tell You About: Getting Tattooed.

Getting tattooed is one of my favorite things to do; I mean that literally. One of the happiest places I can imagine being is on the plinth, under a tattoo gun. But, over the years, I've learned a thing or two.

1. Planning is Half of the Fun!!

I love the process where a tattoo goes from a fleeting thought, to a steady idea, to a concept doodle, to the artists rendition, to a fantastic piece of body art. I had the idea for my arrow floating around for months, and the process of taking it from an idea, to some silly doodles of what I thought it could be, to the finished article was so much fun! Take your time planning it, enjoy the process, make sure it's perfect. It's gonna be on you forever, remember...

2. Drinking Before or After is a Very Bad Idea!!

I know how many stories you hear about people getting a tattoo in Ibiza, after a night of drunken debauchery. I can't say "Nope" enough. Do not drink for 24hrs before or after a tattoo appointment. Drinking can thin your blood and it's just a bad idea all across the board! I cannot imagine how crap it is to get tattooed with a wine hangover, much less how crap it would be to get turned away with the smell of Heineken on you.

3. It Hurts, But You Knew That!

Tattoos hurt; They're not licked on by baby bunnies when you're asleep. The pain is something akin (at least to me) to sunburn being scraped by a cat. It's not excruciating. I find it cathartic, to be honest. It's a pain I can sit through for hours and hours on end, so it can't be that bad. I would personally choose getting tattooed over being pierced any day!

4. You Don't Have to Have a Reason.

Shows like Miami Ink and Ink Wars always go on about having some deep meaning behind your tattoos. That's great if you do, or you have reasons behind the colours in a piece. However, you don't have to. Sometimes people just get tattoos because they like the way they look. I try to have a meaning for each of my pieces, but it's not necessary. And if people ask you about the meanings? You don't have to tell them. I don't mind telling people about the big piece I have on my leg in passing, but I don't want to have to get into the heavy meanings.

5. Like It or Not, You're Gonna Be Judged

I work in a customer facing job, and 90% of the time I have my sleeves rolled up. I forget that I'm tattooed until someone brings attention to my colourful forearm. It honestly never occurs to me that other people notice them. Sometimes though, people do notice - and they're not always nice. Mostly I get compliments or nice questions but you must be prepared for the "Oh you've ruined yourself!!", "Why do you have those things? They're so awful looking" etc, etc. Those people are out there and they will make their presence known.

So there you have it, TTDTYA: Getting Tattooed. 
Have you any tattoos? Tell me about them in the comments below! 



Friday, 9 October 2015

Dex Does - Nivea Creme for Men*

Hey all! Just a little introduction for you all to bring you my best friend in the world, who has kindly agreed to review mens products for Red Lips; Red Hair. I wont waffle on much longer, so I hereby give you Dexter, and the first Dex Does!!!
So today I am writing a review of the moisturiser product Nivea MEN Creme from the manliest grooming perspective. Skincare.

Thus far I have used a few moisturisers in my life so I am somewhat familiar with them and how they work but I am by no means an expert, just someone with a humble opinion about how they make my skin feel when I use them. So let's get started!

I have been using Nivea Creme for a fortnight now and (drumroll) it's pretty great! I am actually surprisingly pleased with it and it's performance! It's been really nice on my skin, comes in nice packaging and has generated some nice compliments from people in my life about my skin. All winning traits in my book! 

First impressions of this product were off to a good start. For a mans product, the casing it comes in is surprisingly stylish and "suitable" for men to be seen with. Dark blue and steely grey colored in a compact tin with no faff to be seen anywhere, perfect! On my first use it was easy to open, easy to peel the seal and easy to apply. No fuss. All the while I was in a gym locker room fresh from the shower with wet hands so I thought this worth mentioning, if it were in any way hard to utilise in the one place I'd use it most commonly I probably would have given up and thrown it back in my bag! 

Generally speaking it didn't add any length of time to my morning routine, maybe about two minutes in total to moisturise my face, neck and hands after showering. The creme is absorbed rapidly on my skin and doesn't feel sticky on my face at all afterwards, skin dry and all in about 30 seconds after applying. There is a generous amount in the tin so I could see this lasting the average guy a month to a couple months. I use this every day at least once on my face and maybe once on my hands every other day and the tin is about 1/8th empty. Maybe I'm not using the right amount but I used what felt right on my skin to me.

After using this for about a fortnight now I have gotten a few compliments on my skin looking well (which is always nice) and by this feedback alone (let alone how much I like the product itself) I am persuaded to keep using it for a while longer to see if its affects on my skin persist, though from research it seems like this product may just be a hidden gem for males to have in their vanity arsenal.

So the long of it is above, the short and sweet is: I recommend this product. It does exactly what it says on the tin, there's no faff about it and it's a really great price! This product is great as we are just coming into Winter where our skin will get dry in the cold weather so keeping something like this handy will prove beneficial. I'm no dermatologist or expert on moisturiser but if I were to give it a score out of 10 I would give it an 11/10. I'm no expert on numbers either.

Nivea Men Crème was kindly gifted for consideration, and Dex knows better than to lie to me or you!! You can pick up Nivea Men creme in all major supermarkets and its currently on offer in Supervalu for €2.45. 

Monday, 21 September 2015

7th Heaven Blemish Mud

Today I'm coming at you with a review of the Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Blemish Mud mask which is aimed at problem skin...

Lately I've been having trouble with breakouts, around my nose and chin in particular. I'm not generally someone who has a whole lot of trouble with blemish prone skin, but obviously, I'm in need of some help. I always find I get two applications from the sachets of MJ masks, and today was no different, so I went for a double whammy - a full face application, and then a concentrated extra application on my T-Zone, nose and chin. 

High in Aloe Vera, this mask claims to be deeply cleansing, purifying and soothing, but the big question is - does it stack up to the claims? 

This mask is incredible. My skin tingled when I had this applied and it left my skin feeling clean and baby soft. The second application on my nose really helped to calm the redness around my nostrils and overall, wasn't too irritating or drying... I feel like it really did draw out the impurities from my skin, and the dry, flaky skin on my left nostril has calmed noticeably. 

All in all, I'm glad I picked up this little sachet of goodness, and I'm going to recommend this to everyone!! 

As always, I followed up with my Nivea Serum Pearls and Q10 Moisturiser and my skin has never felt better!! 

This mask was €1.49 and I will absolutely repurchase it. You can almost always get this range on 3 for 2 in Boots. 

Let me know if you try this mask, 



Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Strange Style #1

Hi all!!

I am not a fashion blogger, we all know that much! I have posted OOTDs and I do occasionally compile wishlists which have clothing items in them, but for the majority, I'm a beauty and lifestyle blogger, and that's all!

However, there's something I do, which I'm sure you all do, too, and that is to have a mental list of things you want to buy for outfits you want to put together. And I have been slowly compiling those items. So, I'm going to start posting Strange Style pieces from time to time, and show you outfits I'm dying to try to emulate, in some form or other.

I have always, always, always had a place in my heart for the movie Dirty Dancing, and for the late, great Patrick Swayze. Swayze as Johnny Castle....YAS HUNTY!!! But I want to show some fabulous androgynous outfits inspired by Swayzes incredible character, Castle. So, with my two inspiration images below, I am going to run you through how I would make these work for the ladies!



So as you can see above, this outfit is missing the white blouse, as you can use any white blouse you have, tucked into a pair of high waisted jeans, roll up the sleeves and leave it unbuttoned to give a peek of the lace bralette. Pair this with black pointed boots, and you're done! 



For this next outfit, I'm taking inspiration from the scene where Johnny takes Baby to the forest to learn about balance in the lift she has to do for the final dance... Again, high waisted jeans, and a black blouse tucked in, with the collar unbuttoned is the groundwork for this outfit. Throw a leather jacket over the top, pair with some pointed boots as before, and you're golden, my darling!

What do you think of Patrick Swayze's character in Dirty Dancing?

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Book Lovers TAG

Hi all! I'm coming to you today with the Book Lovers Tag!! I found the questions on Google, and I thought it would be a fun post for you all! I am going to answer the questions and then tag some lovely bloggers at the end to take up the gauntlet I'll be throwing down!! 

Do you have a specific place for reading?
Not really, I like to read in bed, and I like to read when I'm travelling. A long bus or train journey is probably my most productive reading time, but I can read anywhere. 

Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Preferably a bookmark, however, I have been known to use just about anything to mark my place in a book - from a piece of paper taken from a chewing gum packet, to a hair bobbin, to my phone if things are really bleak! 

Can you stop anywhere in a book or do you have to finish the chapter?
Generally, I can stop almost anywhere. I prefer to finish chapters, but I can stop and start as the need arises. It's usually between paragraphs, if I can help it. I wont continue beyond a paragraph if I wont be able to finish the next one. 

Music or TV while reading?
I can read with anything in the background, I just tune out. I like to have a record playing if I can, but any background noise will do. I guess that is because of my fear of silence. 

Do you eat or drink while reading?
Nothing beats a good book, a slice of cake and a hot cup of tea. I sometimes go to cafes alone to read and eat breakfast. 

One book at a time or several?
Usually several. I have a lot of books in various degrees of "in progress" but I have to admit that I'm more than a bit obsessed with biograhies and I like to read those one at a time so as not to confuse myself. Currently I'm reading "Chase Your Shadow" The Trials of Oscar Pistorious. It's gripping reading, and I don't want it to end, though it will soon, because I'm almost finished it!! 

Reading at home or elsewhere?
Anywhere at all! I don't mind! I like to read, I'm not fussy on the location. 

Read out loud or silently?  
Silently. Though I do read aloud when it's asked of me. 

Do you read ahead or skip pages?
Christ, no! I read the whole book in the right order. I'll skip bits if I'm rereading, but not the first time round. 

Breaking the Spine or keeping it like new?
Broken spine, well worn in, mmmm!!! 

Do you write in your books?
Nope, and I think anyone who does is committing a mortal sin! 

Now for the tagging, my favorite part!

I tag, Kayliegh, Aoife, Chloe, and Colette!!

I hope you liked this tag, let me know some of your favorite books in the comments!!



Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August Favorites

It's that time of the month again!! Favorites time!! 

This month I have quite a few favorites, so lets get into it! 

First and foremost, I want to gush about my new kitten, Paolo. He's a rescue kitty, not rescued by me, but we have adopted eachother, and he's in his forever home! My cousin found him in an awful state on the road near where we live, and stopped the car to bring him home. I met Paolo two weeks later and fell in love. Not only did I fall in love, but so did my mother, and so it was decided that we would re-home him, since he was causing upset in my cousins house because of their resident Tomcat, Oisin. He's a little ball of fluff, who thinks he's big, and likes to let on that he's a fearless killer, when in fact he loves to sleep between my shoulder and side of my head in my bed. Paolo has his own Instagram account, @paolo_puss - go give him a follow! 

I want to rave about my Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation. I wear this in work, almost every day, and I'm a tiny bit in love! It's got great coverage, it lasts well, doesn't get shiny and doesn't oxidize on the skin. I find it lightweight, easy to buff into the skin, and coupled with a light powder, it's full coverage with no caking! 

I'm in the lightest shade, 010 Light Porcelain. You can pick it up in any Boots for €7.99, so affordable for every day wear!

Next I want to give honorable mentions to my Alcon Pure Moist 30 Day Contact Lenses, which I have been in love with! I am a big fan of weird frames, and yet I find myself wearing lenses absolutely every day, recently! They're super comfortable, promising 16 hours of wear. I know it's bad, but I have, on occasion slept in my lenses and they've still felt good the next morning! You can get these at your local opticians! 

I've been reading Chase Your Shadow: The Trial of Oscar Pistorious, and I feel the need to give this a serious plug! No matter what you think of the man, this book is an unfailing, unbiased look at the trial and eventual conviction of Pistorious for the culpable homicide of Reeva Steenkamp. This book is quite dense and heavy, part biography, part journalistic reporting, but it's an incredible read. 10/10 would read again! 

I picked up my copy in Vibes and Scribes, in Cork City for €10.99! 

This month I have been insanely obsessed with Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, particularly Honey, a light, very wearable nude pink shade, and Romantic, a very easy to wear red. I almost always wear Honey in work, as it's very natural and can be applied without a mirror. I wore Romantic to a wake and funeral, and it wasn't too "done" or too "OTT" for the funeral. 

These balm stains are €10.99 in Boots and are currently on offer for 2 for €14. 

Next up, I want to wax lyrical about my trip to Cork! I got to see my oldest friend, spend some time with her, make new friends, and we had a brilliant time! We ate the most amazing chickpea curry with vegan tabbuleh, perused great book stores, made friends with a record store owner and generally just enjoyed everything the city has to offer! I even bumped into an archery friend on our way to lunch one day! Cork is everything I adore, and more. Great food, great people, great record stores and always my happy place. 

I've been listening to a lot of records that I picked up on my trip to Cork, but two I want to mention are No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom, and Woven Skull's Lair Of The Glowing Bantling , I am all about Gwen Stefani at the moment, and nothing makes me happier than putting on my makeup for a night out, listening to Spiderwebs (which I've left below for you to wrap your ears around!), Just a Girl and the classic, Don't Speak! I will be giving a full review and telling the story of how I came to possess the first copy of Lair of The Glowing Bantling later on this month, so stick around for that!! 

I've been watching a lot of YouTube lately, but I want to give special mentions to my new favorite Vlogger, Mike Falzone! Mike is a stand up comic, who makes the most amazing videos for YouTube, has a great podcast series, and is generally a pretty cool dude! I'm gonna leave some of my favorite videos here for you to get you started! 

So there you have some of my favorite things this month! 

September promises to be a great month for favorites, with multiple adventures happening - The NPA Ploughing 2015, Dylan Moran in Vicar St, hazelnut picking with the bezzo, and plenty more, as well as plenty of scope for new products to weasel their way into my heart!

Have you been loving anything this month? 
Let me know in the comments! 


Friday, 28 August 2015

Footwear and Books!! ¦ HAUL

Good Morning all!! 

Today I have a Penneys Haul for you, with some Raven Books thrown in at the end! I snapped some quick pics when I got my items home, and i'm here to share with you what I picked up!!

How gorgeous are these boots? I saw them and knew immediately they had to be in my life! I broke these in at work and I adore them, they make a really satisfying sound when you walk in them!! They look incredible with jeans, and I can only imagine they will toughen up any girly look - or add a hint of androgyny! 

Ugh, these boots are my newest obsession. I saw a pair very similar in TK Maxx for €54.99, but these are nicer, comfier and come in two colors - brown and grey. I opted for the brown-ish shade, but you could easily go for both and still come out with change from your €55. 

Fuzzy socks, but not just any fuzzy socks - low cut fuzzies! Three pairs of what are essentially furry trainer liners! Coming into winter, you will be glad of these! 

Actual trainer liners! Where else would you get seven pairs of brightly colored trainer liners?

This was a bit of an impulse buy at the tills, but I couldn't pass up some handy little tissues for my handbag. 

High Waisted skinny jeans! I picked these up in a size 6, and they're amazing! I can't wait to style these with my black pointed boots from above, a flannel shirt and a strong red lip! 

Finally, some books! I made the trip to Raven Books in Blackrock the other day, on a quest to get some biographies. I'm on a bit of a "nosey git" bender. I picked up  Tim Burtons "Burton on Burton", Simon Pegg's "Nerd Do Well" and the great George Hook's "Time Added On". All of these came to under €15! 

What have you bought lately? 
Let me know!! 


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Shemazing Soltan Face*

As a ginger lady, I have a plethora of SPF products in my possession. I even have specialised tattoo sun care. I am that paranoid, yes!

I had not been that familiar with Soltan, I mean, yes, I knew of the brand having seen it in Boots a good few times, but I never opted for it. I really don't know why, because I try to use SPF in some form all year round. Either in my foundation or my skincare. It's better than being a leather handbag when I'm 40! Honestly, I find it baffling why people don't look after their skin, even if "it's only Ireland".

Anyways, less of my ranting! I'm going to give you my thoughts on what I thought of the three Soltan Face Suncare Creams I was kindly sent by Shemazing and Soltan - the Dry Touch Face, BB Face and Sensitive Face.

BB Face:

The BB Face Cream I was sent was Light Medium, and it was the first time a BB Cream that said "light medium" was actually light enough for me! So that was an immediate point in its favor! I applied it to my skin, gently rubbed it in and it absorbed in less than two minutes - very impressive! Now, I almost always use BB Cream as an under my foundation "perfecting" step, but this one got to stand alone a few times. My skin felt matte, yet looked radiant. It didn't seem to oxidise on my skin, which I was delighted with, as that does happen with some BB's.

BB Face has the highest SPF at Factor 50, and I felt protected from the sun for most of the day!

Sensitive Face:

I trialled this for the longest, because I have incredibly sensitive skin, and I figured that it would be the one people would want to know most about.

First of all, the cream has no strong scent or pigment, it's marked as hypoallergenic which is wonderful, and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on my skin. I find it a wee bit shiny, but in a similar vein to the BB Face, it's a radiant glow, not a greaseball thing. It didn't beak me out, it didn't make me come up in any irritated redness or anything like that at all, like I have had with some other brands of suncream.

Sensitive Face has an SPF of 30. I felt protected but still freckled which I like. That might not be your thing, but I really enjoyed it.

Dry Touch Face

I have to admit, I was a fair bit sceptical on this one. Non Greasy Sun Cream? Yeah, right! But actually I found it really good! If you were having a good skin day, and you just wanted a matte, protective base, Dry Touch Face is your only man! I think this particular sun cream is best suited to a no makeup day, where you want to look matte and perfected, maybe just with groomed brows and some mascara. Add a slick of a tinted lip balm and you're away! Protected and fabulous!

Dry Touch Face has an SPF of 30.

Overall, I thought the entire Soltan Range was very impressive, even managing to dispel some preconceived thoughts when it came to the BB and Dry Touch. I was delighted to find that the entire range was suitable for my skin, and worked well under makeup.

Will you be trying Soltan?
Let me know! 

xo, Amy

Soltan and Shemazing kindly sent me these 3 samples for review. I am not being paid for or swayed in my opinions by either party. All thoughts are my own, and my words are my own, also! xx

Friday, 7 August 2015

Things They Don't Tell You About: Sex (GIVEAWAY*)

Image: Pinterest. 
So this week, I'm going slightly risqué, and we're gonna dish the secrets about Sexy Time, with the good folks over at Durex!!! I am gonna make it personal. These are things I have learned since I became sexually active from the age of 18, to today, at the ripe old age of 23. I've been using Durex condoms since my very first time, I've tried the whole range, and I'm delighted to be partnering up with them!

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone underage sex, unprotected sex or anyone pressuring or coercing another person into any sexual activity. Consent, safety and legality are HUGELY important. Condoms are not the only means of contraception, and you should never rely on just one.

Now, read on to find out my five TTDTY and to find out more about my giveaway in partnership with Durex!

1. Waiting Does NOT Mean You're Weird! 

In school, when everyone was in a relationship and losing their virginity, I waited. I wasn't terribly bothered about giving it up to some shmuck from my year. Honestly, it wasn't on my mind. I knew others were doing it and I knew people thought I was weird, but I waited until I was 18, in a relationship and when I was 100% ready I made my decision. I am so glad I waited, and I'm not just saying that. If you want to wait, don't let anyone put you under pressure! When you're ready, you'll know... and if you need any information, Durex have you covered - heh, I made a funny!!!

2. Sometimes, Unsexy Things Happen! 

Sex is a workout and a half, so sometimes things happen that are the opposite of attractive and sexy. Cramps in your leg? I've had that!! Ouch, ouch, ouch! Slipping and falling? I've had that too - don't ask! I've bumped my head, I've injured my bed buddy. There are other things, though - unsexy things that aren't injuries. Ever had your them fart in the middle of the deed? ...Yeah, I have! My best advice? Laugh it off and don't worry about it. If you're like me, everything can be made better by laughing!

3. Communication is Key, and Also Kinda Sexy! 

When I say this, I don't just mean talking about sex, but also communicating during sex. Telling each other what you like and don't like, what you do and don't want to try, it's all good! Knowing each others likes and dislikes helps both of you to make it the most enjoyable experience possible. I find it incredibly sexy to know what pace my partner enjoys and I want my partner to know what feels good for me too. Try it!

4. Trying New Things is Fun!

Okay bare with me here; You trust your partner, and you are open with each other. If you want to try something new, to play in the bedroom in ways you have not before, broach your ideas with him or her. They will most likely be down for it! You wont know unless you ask. So long as you're not hurting anyone and the person you're getting jiggy with is cool with the things you want to try, you're onto a good thing! I'm trying new things all of the time - my bed buddy is a good teacher! ;)

5. Being in a Relationship is Nice, But You Don't Have To Be!

What I mean by this isn't what you think... If you know what you want, and you go out and get it, good for you! Going out to get laid doesn't make you a "slut", or a "man whore". Anyone who says so is a knob end. And that's a fact. If you have a Friend With Benefits like I do, or you go out on the "pull" in the club on a Friday night for one night of fun, or you're in a relationship, so long as you're safe, with full consent and legal, go for it! Sex is fun and it feels good. Once it's good for you and for the person you're getting down with, it's all cool in my book!!

Now, for the giveaway!

I'm giving one lucky reader a goodie bag full of treats from the gorgeous folks over at Durex. I'm not sure how to police this, but I'm going to do my best to keep this to people over the age of consent! All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter, and you're in with a chance!

The goodie bag contains a 14 pack of Real Feel Condoms, Feel Pleasure Gel, and a Play Vibrations Ring.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway closes at midnight on August 24th... Good Luck!!

If you're interested in what Durex have to offer, be it products or info, check out their website HERE

Be safe, and have fun! 


Durex kindly sponsored this post, however this is my own content and are my own experiences where mentioned! 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Red Review: Wilder Mind

It's common for me to say the following when it comes to a band I really really love - "I'm afraid to buy this album because I want it to be good so much I'm afraid to be disappointed by it..." I've said that for quite a few bands. It started with Cradle of Filth when they released Godspeed on Devils Thunder.

So when I spotted Wilder Mind in Tower Records, weeks and weeks ago, I kept my distance. I hadn't read any reviews, which I admit if I had maybe I would have bought it sooner. I told my friend and the girl who served me that I had high hopes for it. I had. And I wasn't terribly sure how well my hopes would fare because The Wolf isn't what I wanted it to be as a single. But, you guys know I adore Mumford and Sons, and so I took the risk, bit the bullet and made my purchase.

Oh, dear reader, how wrong I was. I take it all back. This record is stellar. It is however, very different from earlier Mumford and Sons offerings. I want to say this album is far more radio friendly, but M&S's popularity among all demographics speaks for itself. They are all kinds of radio friendly! What this record is, is more indie and less folk-y. It's everything I love about Mumford, combined with everything I love in music in general.

The opening track, which is also my favorite, Tompkins Square Park is an absolutely flawless. The opening riff lets you know right away that this is the same Mumford and Sons we all know and love, but reimagined and with a darker tone than the banjo playing, folk singing foursome have had before. The song itself follows a couple who are quickly disintegrating, shrouded in mystery. Despite the theme, the chorus is insanely catchy and I find myself listening to it twice or three times before I let the album play through. Standout lyrics include: "No flame burns forever. Oh no, you and I both know this all too well, most don't even last the night..." and "I only ever told you one lie, when it could have been a thousand..."

The title track, Wilder Mind, ebbs and flows with purpose and yet is mellow enough that you could chill out with this in the background while reading or chatting with friends. It's an exquisite example of songwriting, not that we should expect anything less from these guys, honestly!! This song has some lyrical gems like "You can be every little thing you want nobody to know...". Unf, it just gets me right in the soul.

A lot of the tracks on this album, like Only Love, Ditmas, Broad Shouldered, Beasts and The Wolf have incredibly pleasing, catchy choruses, and would be wonderful to hear live, no doubt. Just Smoke is the kind of track I could hear getting really big in a soundtrack for a winter movie.

All in all, I found this album to be right up there with Babel and Sigh No More. In fact, I might even place it higher because of the rough, dark sound. It just makes me happy right to my soul.

If you have been worried about this album dashing your hopes, don't worry anymore. This record is stellar.

Another 5 Star ***** from me!! 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I've been dying to try out a balm cleanser, and when Natasha recommended this one to me, I had to try it out!! Balm cleansers are deeply nourishing in a way that cream and gel cleansers are not. So I've been trying it out for a few weeks and I've got some things to say about it!!

I was shocked at the color, its bright yellow!!! Then I realized it's almost solid in the tub, just enough give in it to allow you to scoop it out and melt with the warmth of your finger tips. When it is rubbed into the skin, it gently lifts any left over make-up with ease. It smells divine and leaves your skin feeling really plump afterwards.

I think this cleanser is more suited to the evening time for taking off makeup than for morning cleansing as it leaves a very rich residue on the skin which is perfect for sleeping on to hydrate overnight. I wouldn't even attempt to put makeup on after using this. It's much too decadent and dare I say greasy.

I do recommend this cleanser in general, because it's amazing. I also think it will last twice as long, because I would only say to use it before bed and not twice a day. That alone makes it worth the 13.99 price tag!

It was recommended to red, and red recommends!
Have you tried this balm cleanser?

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Things They Don't Tell You About... Break Ups

It's a scary prospect, being single.... I haven't been single for longer than two weeks up until two months ago, so I know exactly how hard it can be. In today's edition of TTDTYA, I'm going to make you feel a bit better about where you're at. Okay? 'Kay, here we go!

1. It's Not Always Going To Hurt

Breakups are shit. Lets all be honest here. They hurt for both parties and they cause ripples that reach far and wide. However, while right now you might be feeling a bit like you got hit in the soul by a freight train, I promise you, time really does heal all wounds. You're going to come through the other end.

2. Junk Food and Movies Help Immensely. 

I've lost count of the number of weekends I have spent with my friends drinking cocktails or wine, eating icecream and watching bad Sci-Fi movies or re-runs of old sitcoms. Time spent focusing on the things you love with the people you love, ignoring the calorie content of everything and indulging in anything you want will take the edge off. Just don't develop unhealthy habits, ya hear?!

3. Clearing Them From Your Everyday Life is Necessary. 

My Ex was one of the greatest people I've ever had the pleasure of journeying through even just a snippet of my life with. I had pictures of us from multiple things, framed and tacked up onto walls and as backrounds on devices. Changing the wallpapers, taking down the pictures, boxing up the stolen hoodies, it all sucked, but it's needed. You can't start fresh with old stuff clogging up your life and soul. I don't want you to forget that person or what they taught you, but you should try to clean the slate. It's over, don't linger on the past.

4. It's Okay to Miss Them. 

I've never broken up with someone and never thought of them again - nobody does that! It's natural and okay to miss them. You will notice that in time you miss them less, you don't wonder how they are or did they ever get that eye test. But if they do cross your mind, it is okay to miss them a bit. They were a big part of your life, you can't erase that.

5. You're Allowed to Fall To Bits, Rebel, Whatever You Want!! 

You've been with "Mr Right" for 7 years, and now that it's over you feel the need to indulge yourself in ways you felt you couldn't before. Go and do what you feel motivated to do. For me it was getting a piercing, taking on more hours in work, sometimes crying while listening to records in the dark, but at the end of the day it all went into the healing process. If you want to get a wild hair cut, tattoo, go on an adventure to Peru for a week, cry into your childhood bear or go out partying every weekend, that's your prerogative.

6. Finding A Hobby To Occupy
 Your Mind Helps 

Taken from Reddit /r/vinyl, Credit to owner

I've been getting into Vinyl a lot lately, and when I'm feeling a bit crap I go onto the internet and look up albums I want, or I go onto Reddit and read things that make me laugh. I took up learning French recently, so that's really occupying my head as learning a language is a pretty decent commitment. I've gotten back into reading too! More time to do things, means more time to be productive!  Vinyl takes up a physical space in my life, Reddit helps time pass when I'm sad, learning French is a way to focus and reading is a way to unwind!

Breakups are hard, but they happen. You will be okay, you will learn from this and grow. It might seem bleak and scary, but that's good, you have endless chances to make yourself happy.

You're brilliant, and you're going to get through this, I promise you.
You're a free agent now, do you, Hunty!!!


Monday, 27 July 2015

Red Review - Last Of Our Kind

I've been getting majorly into vinyl in the last three months, and I've collected a few records, both recent releases and vintage.

One of my first purchases was The Darkness new record, Last Of Our Kind. Today I'm gonna run you through what I thought of it. Bear in mind I am incredibly biased, they're one of my favorite bands!

Firstly, can we take a moment to appreciate the cover art? It's a baby driving a spaceship!!! I just think that's so quirky and cool, though I don't expect anything less than quirky from the band whose first record had a naked air traffic controller on it!! I love it, their whole aesthetic is tongue in cheek, has an air of humor. The Darkness are a band that know how to have fun! Trust me, I've been to a show, they are insane in the best way!

The content of this record is the Viking invasion of East Anglia, referencing Ragnar, archery, Edmund The Martyr, and so on. Probably not for everyone, but I love that kind of thing. The first single to be released from this is the first track, Barbarian, and it's basically a musical history lesson gussied up a bit, and put to epic riffs. I reckon this would be a great song to blare and belt in the car with all the windows down!

The whole album is just perfect. I know there has been much criticism about Hot Cakes, their last release, but I thought that was a great album... Up there with Permission to Land, for sure! This though, it's completely and utterly brilliant. I find myself flipping the record over and over, listening to it twice or three times through, every time it's on my player. Of the 4 albums The Darkness has released, I would rank this as my favorite so far.

My favorite track on this record is the title track, Last Of Our Kind. Maybe I have an affinity for the archery imagery, maybe it's the insanely catchy opening and beltable chorus - who knows?! I'm toying with getting a line from this song tattooed, actually. It's that good!

Honestly, I've nothing bad to say about this album, nothing at all. It's incredible. The vinyl itself is green, the slip case is decorated with the lyrics and doodles and the cover is incredibly fun. The record itself harks back to the older, more flamboyant early days - all in all, a truly brilliant offering, and possibly my favorite record in my collection so far!

I'm giving this record 5 stars *****

Have you any recommendations? 
If you have, let me know! 
If you want me to do a record collection, just shout!

Keep your eye out for my next review!

Loooooooove you! 


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Where Have I Been??? Life Update

Hi All!!

I'm sorry it has been so long since I actively posted. It's been a rough time, but things are finally settling.

I'm not going to get into the finer details of things, but I feel I owe you an answer, since I've been racking up views, getting emails from brands, and ignoring everyone and everything for almost two months... TWO months. I am such a bad blogger.

At the beginning of last month my relationship of four years came to a close. I made a mistake, I admit it was my fault, and I took the consequences. I can't really say much more than that. A choice was put to me, which I could not make, and so it was made for me. That's just the fact, I'm not scapegoating anyone or pushing the blame away, I take every modicum of responsibility. It was hard, but I've come through it. My friends have been amazing, and my best friend, well he has been my rock. I doubt he reads this but if he does - Thank you Dex, 10/10 would recommend!

Everything slipped, my mental health, my diet and fitness, skincare, the whole lot. I was putting in basic effort, and that was it. Anyways, it's been two months and I'm okay. I've been working and spending a lot of time with people I love. Things like going to the seafront, watching the ferries, buying vintage vinyl, eating burritos and eggs benny, drinking great cocktails and reading have helped me immeasurably, not to mention all the hours I've wasted on Reddit!!

As for blogging, and social media of any kind, I was avoiding it at all costs during the last few weeks. My head was messed up, the last thing I needed was to feel the need to update you all on how crap I was feeling. When I was feeling up to it, I posted here and there.

Anyways, everything is back on a level, and I'm pretty much geared up for a return, I hope you are all ready!!

I love you all, 

Sorry I've been MIA, 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

April Favorites 2015

Hi All!!

It's been so long since I posted a talk-through of all my favorite things from the previous month, so I thought today I would do that for you all! Let's go ahead and get into it!!

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty:

Oh my god, I cannot even begin to describe how much I am digging this mask, you guys! I've tried on three occasions to write a review for you all but it winds up just being a couple of hundred words of blatant gushing and absolutely no constructive feedback. I will say that this mask really helps to control breakouts and soak up any excess oils you may have. It also slightly exfoliates your skin when you wash it off because of the little bits in it. Mmmmph, I love it!


I have not worn any other shoes than Toms all month, unless I've had to attend an event, whereby I clearly wear heels! Toms shoes are seriously comfortable, really well made, warm and breathable. The best bit is that they are ethical, and every time you buy a pair, Toms give a pair to a child in an impoverished country. I literally cannot get over how comfy they are and they look so cute with all kinds of outfits!! You need a pair, honestly!!

Nivea Daily Essential Express Hydration Primer

This stuff has really been useful to me on those "no make up" days, when I want my skin to look great but I don't want to wear a full face of slap, I smooth this on, apply some concealer to trouble spots, mascara, do my brows and I'm done! It leaves my skin hydrated and glowing but not in that awful glittery way, more of a subtle "lit from within" way,

Isa Dora Face Sculptor Palette:

I am in love with this palette lately, not least because it's 3 perfect shades in one handy compact. It's been truly well loved since Isa Dora gifted it to me a couple of months ago. The bronzer is perfect for sculpting out my cheekbones and the blush is incredibly flattering. the highlight shade is my favourite of the trio, however, I've been using it as a highlight on my cheekbones, brow bone, inner eye and even use it as a shimmery eye-shadow.

What have you been loving lately?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Lush Mask Of Magnaminty REVIEW

Oily skin is a real scourge, so much so that I spend an inordinate amount of my life trying to find products to suit my face. For a long time it was an expensive endeavour, using multiple products to keep the grease under control. Put me down on record for this one: Lush Mask Of Magnaminty has put an end to that. I have finally found a mask that doesn't dry my skin in a bid to sop up the shine.


The mask itself is advertised as a peppermint face and body product. It certainly is minty, with a cooling sensation and gorgeous scent. You apply it to your skin in a thin layer and allow it to dry. I personally rinse with cool water and pat my skin dry but you can use warm water, I'm not telling you what to do with your life!!

I used this mask every other day for a week and found it to be just enough to allow my skin to do what it needs to do but stems the oil enough that breakouts are stemmed and not caused due to an over production in compensation. I now use it once a week alternating with other Lush face masks!!

It's refreshingly cooling and a little goes a long way. However you can choose to apply a thick layer or a thin one, depending on your time and preference.

All in all I think this mask is amazing and incredibly healing for skin that suffers from breakouts.

Have you tried this mask??
Let me know!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Gothic Ginger Spice


 Hi All!! So today I'm posting my very first outfit of the day... Exciting times here on RL;RH!!
I don't think I'm half as fashionable as the gorgeous fashion bloggers I count among my peers, but I was dying to have a go and I loved it!!!
I went with all black against my pale skin, because no matter how I try I can't deny my naturally gothic pigmentation and I wanted to play that up for this look. The lace detailing on the décolletage area adds a touch of glam to a very simple look. For my footwear I decided to clash a pair of chunky heeled booties with the girly dress. I took my usual rings and bling to this outfit and found it worked brilliantly. The little crossbody bag that I slung over one shoulder kept this look ladylike despite all the other elements.
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Motive Shoes Ilac
Bag: Penneys
Hobbit Hole Pendant: Birthday gift
Amythest Claw: Antique
Bracelet: Pandora
Sunnies: Penneys
Photos by Zoe Holman @
What do you think, guys?
Be gentle, it's my first time!;)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

50 Facts About Me TAG

Hey There Folks,

So it's been a very long time since I posted anything personal on this blog, and in all honesty, that was what this blog was created for in the very beginning. So, since the GORGEOUS Aoife over at Rockette Queen has tagged me, I'm going to share 50 Facts About Me. 

  1. My name is Amy Catherine, supposedly because the initials "A.C" mirror the initials of my father's favourite football team, AC Milan.
  2. For years I dyed my hair because I hated being different. Now I have my natural hair back and I realise that being red is who I am. I will never again see myself as different, I am unique.
  3. I've been on a huge "Life Clearout" lately – not just physically cleaning out the clutter but severing ties with toxic people… Honestly it has been such a liberating experience. My circle of friends is tighter than it has ever been and I am happier than I have ever been.
  4. I am deathly afraid of moths, butterflies, flies… Any insects really. They terrify me to my very bones.
  5. My favourite band is HIM, a Finnish band with their very own genre – Love Metal. They saved my life, made sense of my world and even to this day, as a 23 year old fully grown female adult human, I have a huge poster of the frontman Ville Valo on my wall.
  6. I love to call people by pet names, such as gorgeous, darling, my love etc. I do it because I always want to show people love and affection – in my eyes, it can make a persons day to know that they are appreciated and thought of with warmth and love.
  7. If I could make a career out of worrying about people, you better believe I would be the best in the business! I literally never stop worrying about the people in my life – even if they don't know it.
  8. I used to loathe wearing colours, and was almost always seen in black; Now I'm all about colours!!
  9. My favourite item of clothing is my Doctor Who Fourth Doctor scarf that my mother knitted me for my birthday last year. I wear it almost every day!!
  10. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. The only thing I am sure of is that I want to help people.
  11. I don't have a set style. I just wear what I love.
  12. I would love to branch out into OOTD posts, but I don't regularly buy clothes, and I'm not very fashionable so I'm afraid to make that move.
  13. My favourite place in the world is Cork City. The people, the place, the food, the whole thing. I am always so excited to go to Cork, and so sad to leave it.
  14. Give me a caramel coffee frappucino from Starbucks, and I will love you forever. Mmmmmmmmmmyum!!
  15. My favourite lipsticks are: 01 from the RimmelxKate line, Shame by Urban Decay, Faux by MAC, NYC Blue Rose.
  16. I've been sitting here since 3.30pm and it's now 5.20pm and I am having the hardest time thinking of facts…so theres that.
  17. I'm a size UK6, but I eat like a horse and I have no idea how I stay thin…
  18. I am all about Pretty Little Liars, and I've got Andrew on the top of my "A List".
  19. Even though I am a 23 year old "grown up" I love YA literature. I pretty much died of cuteness reading Anna and The French Kiss…
  20. Despite my love for YA Fiction, I read a lot of heavy complex stuff… Game Of Thrones, Anna Karenina, Poe…
  21. I have 6 tattoos, and technically 5 piercings, but I only have one piercing in, and that one is my conch ring.
  22. Up until my last tattoo I used to alternate the sides of my body that got inked each time – right wrist, left shoulder, right side, left leg, right arm.
  23. I'm the proud owner of a selfie stick. No shame, not sorry!!!
  24. I've never had my own birthday cake. If anyone ever gave me my very own birthday cake I would probably break down in tears.
  25. I may be a beauty blogger, but I don't wear make-up every day. Effort!!!
  26. All this "I" and "my" oriented writing makes me uncomfortable.
  27. I suffer from night-blindness, which isn't rare, but I've the unique situation of only having the condition in my left eye. Once it goes to twilight/lamplight, I am down to one eye. It affects my depth perception and that's why I am always covered in bruises. I'm not clumsy during the day, I swear!!!
  28. I let myself get taken advantage of, and then when I realise it, I wind up upsetting people because I pull back harshly.
  29. It takes me ages to get ready for an event. For the Sleek event it took me two hours to put my face on.
  30. I love popping spots and blackheads. It's disgusting but I just love doing it!!! Don't judge me!
  31. I find it very hard to hold back when I love people. I want to show everyone I love how much I love them all the time.
  32. I've become a bit addicted to Lush. Seriously, I need to just move my bedroom to a Lush store!!!
  33. At the moment, I'm trying to save up to buy a DSLR so I can up my blogging game. I think I could do so much more with a great camera- plus is I had one with a remote shutter I could use it to shoot OOTD's if I ever got brave enough to try.
  34. My favourite breakfast food is Eggs Benedict. It is the reason I could never be Vegan.
  35. I consider my diet as "flexible". Some days I eat Vegan, other days I'm all about fillet steak and potato gratin.
  36. Some of my favourite YouTube personalities are Shona (EllieJayden), Bunny (Grav3yardGirl), Kiera Rose (Scarlet Saint), Louna (LounaTuna), my good friend Kayliegh (KaylieghLand), Clara (Claraification), Kayleigh B (KayleighKill) and Clare Cullen (Clisare). I'm also a little bit in love with Nicole Guerriero, Gigi Gorgeous, Emma Pickles, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Lindsey Hughes.
  37. If I only had to eat one "type" of food for the rest of my life, Mexican would be it! Mmmmm burritos, fajitas, coriander galore. YAS!!!!
  38. I love hats with wide brims, but I cannot make them work for me. I think my head is gimpy!!!
  39. When certain things match, like the wings of my eyeliner, my furniture, my finger and toenail polish, it makes my heart happy. However, I don't like everything to match. Case in point: all my bedroom furniture is pine, but nothing else matches. I have two purple walls, one red wall and one green wall, my curtains are cream and my duvet cover is black. I hate when mugs match, so I collect nerdy mugs. In fact, in life, my theme is "unmatching".
  40. Some of my favourite clothing items have come from charity shops. Rooting around charity and vintage shops is one of my favourite things to do.
  41. I used to briefly work for a photographer, and as a result I have a modelling portfolio. I don't know if I'm brave enough to send it to agencies no matter how much I would love to.
  42. Saying "no" to people is something I struggle really hard to do. When I do say no, I have a hard time making it not sound rude.
  43. I waited 12 years to see The Darkness play live, and when I finally got to see them, it was in a venue for 150 people, and I was at the front of the stage. My friend William got the ticket for me for my birthday and made sure Justin Hawkins knew not only my name but that it was my birthday… That was literally the greatest experience of my life and I am still not over it.
  44. Even though I want everyone to be okay, I am so uncomfortable with people crying. I kind of go into "Sheldon Cooper Mode" and am bereft of good things to say.
  45. I can't swim. My mother got me lessons every year as a kid, and my boyfriend tried to teach me a couple of years ago, but I just am inept at treading water.
  46. I hate when people speak to me when they are wearing mirror finish sunglasses. I don't know why but it bothers the sh1t out of me!!!
  47. My childhood bear still comes with me on long journeys and when I have to stay away from home.
  48. I find it hard to take people seriously if they have bad eyebrows.
  49. I am deathly afraid of being overweight. And yes, I know it's not PC to say that, but it's the truth and it's a fact.
  50. My greatest insecurity is not my weight, or my body, it's my teeth. I would give anything to have a Hollywood smile.

Wow. That took so long!!! Hopefully you were not bored to death, and maybe you got to know me a bit better!

I'm going to tag:




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