Monday, 20 April 2015

Sleek Event 14th April 2015

Last week I was overjoyed to attend the Sleek Make-Up event in The Blue Room at The Dean Hotel on Harcourt St in Dublin City Centre. I linked up with my gorgeous friend Kayliegh and we went together, to save ourselves the awkward side effects of being painfully shy at these things on our own.

When we arrived into the Blue Room it was incredibly decorated with Sleek palettes open on every table, trays of muffins and macaroons, a bar at the far end to keep everyone sipping on either lovely rose wine or fresh fruit punch. There was a Sleek stand close to the bar, and I think it's fair to say that Dani (The Glamour Nazi) hit the nail on the head when she said she would love it to just appear in her bedroom. Wouldn't we all?!

I was so impressed with the i-Divine palettes that I may have to lay hands to them all… Great pigmentation, great selection and at a great price!

There were Sleek MUA's doing incredible looks on volunteers from the room, and the Sleek PR team were mingling with everyone to get feedback and generally just o have the banter. I must have stood chatting for 20 minutes with Emily chatting about inter-parish GAA and old discos of the greater Meath area – so random!!


Eventually the time came for Kayliegh and I to head out to catch our respective busses, but not before Emily came bounding over with a huge goodie bag for each of us and a big hug and thank-yous.
I was privileged to be invited and delighted to attend, the pleasure was all mine!!

Sleek is now available nationwide and online at

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