Friday, 8 May 2015

Gothic Ginger Spice


 Hi All!! So today I'm posting my very first outfit of the day... Exciting times here on RL;RH!!
I don't think I'm half as fashionable as the gorgeous fashion bloggers I count among my peers, but I was dying to have a go and I loved it!!!
I went with all black against my pale skin, because no matter how I try I can't deny my naturally gothic pigmentation and I wanted to play that up for this look. The lace detailing on the décolletage area adds a touch of glam to a very simple look. For my footwear I decided to clash a pair of chunky heeled booties with the girly dress. I took my usual rings and bling to this outfit and found it worked brilliantly. The little crossbody bag that I slung over one shoulder kept this look ladylike despite all the other elements.
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Motive Shoes Ilac
Bag: Penneys
Hobbit Hole Pendant: Birthday gift
Amythest Claw: Antique
Bracelet: Pandora
Sunnies: Penneys
Photos by Zoe Holman @
What do you think, guys?
Be gentle, it's my first time!;)


  1. Awesome! You're a natural, I can't take outfit photos for my life 😂 also I'm obsessed with your tattoos 😁 I want more tattoos now.. X

    1. I swear I felt like such a plan, Aisling!!! And thank you, I love my tattoos :D xxx

  2. Pictures are fab! I'm sure I saw you at the SoSu launch last week I was fascinated with your leg tattoos when I saw them! X

    1. Ah no way, I was too shy to mingle much, you should have come over I would LOVED to have met ya :D x

  3. Gorgeous photography, and you look beautiful x

    1. Thank you Sharon, I love these pictures to bits! xx


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