Friday, 28 August 2015

Footwear and Books!! ¦ HAUL

Good Morning all!! 

Today I have a Penneys Haul for you, with some Raven Books thrown in at the end! I snapped some quick pics when I got my items home, and i'm here to share with you what I picked up!!

How gorgeous are these boots? I saw them and knew immediately they had to be in my life! I broke these in at work and I adore them, they make a really satisfying sound when you walk in them!! They look incredible with jeans, and I can only imagine they will toughen up any girly look - or add a hint of androgyny! 

Ugh, these boots are my newest obsession. I saw a pair very similar in TK Maxx for €54.99, but these are nicer, comfier and come in two colors - brown and grey. I opted for the brown-ish shade, but you could easily go for both and still come out with change from your €55. 

Fuzzy socks, but not just any fuzzy socks - low cut fuzzies! Three pairs of what are essentially furry trainer liners! Coming into winter, you will be glad of these! 

Actual trainer liners! Where else would you get seven pairs of brightly colored trainer liners?

This was a bit of an impulse buy at the tills, but I couldn't pass up some handy little tissues for my handbag. 

High Waisted skinny jeans! I picked these up in a size 6, and they're amazing! I can't wait to style these with my black pointed boots from above, a flannel shirt and a strong red lip! 

Finally, some books! I made the trip to Raven Books in Blackrock the other day, on a quest to get some biographies. I'm on a bit of a "nosey git" bender. I picked up  Tim Burtons "Burton on Burton", Simon Pegg's "Nerd Do Well" and the great George Hook's "Time Added On". All of these came to under €15! 

What have you bought lately? 
Let me know!! 


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Shemazing Soltan Face*

As a ginger lady, I have a plethora of SPF products in my possession. I even have specialised tattoo sun care. I am that paranoid, yes!

I had not been that familiar with Soltan, I mean, yes, I knew of the brand having seen it in Boots a good few times, but I never opted for it. I really don't know why, because I try to use SPF in some form all year round. Either in my foundation or my skincare. It's better than being a leather handbag when I'm 40! Honestly, I find it baffling why people don't look after their skin, even if "it's only Ireland".

Anyways, less of my ranting! I'm going to give you my thoughts on what I thought of the three Soltan Face Suncare Creams I was kindly sent by Shemazing and Soltan - the Dry Touch Face, BB Face and Sensitive Face.

BB Face:

The BB Face Cream I was sent was Light Medium, and it was the first time a BB Cream that said "light medium" was actually light enough for me! So that was an immediate point in its favor! I applied it to my skin, gently rubbed it in and it absorbed in less than two minutes - very impressive! Now, I almost always use BB Cream as an under my foundation "perfecting" step, but this one got to stand alone a few times. My skin felt matte, yet looked radiant. It didn't seem to oxidise on my skin, which I was delighted with, as that does happen with some BB's.

BB Face has the highest SPF at Factor 50, and I felt protected from the sun for most of the day!

Sensitive Face:

I trialled this for the longest, because I have incredibly sensitive skin, and I figured that it would be the one people would want to know most about.

First of all, the cream has no strong scent or pigment, it's marked as hypoallergenic which is wonderful, and it doesn't feel heavy or sticky on my skin. I find it a wee bit shiny, but in a similar vein to the BB Face, it's a radiant glow, not a greaseball thing. It didn't beak me out, it didn't make me come up in any irritated redness or anything like that at all, like I have had with some other brands of suncream.

Sensitive Face has an SPF of 30. I felt protected but still freckled which I like. That might not be your thing, but I really enjoyed it.

Dry Touch Face

I have to admit, I was a fair bit sceptical on this one. Non Greasy Sun Cream? Yeah, right! But actually I found it really good! If you were having a good skin day, and you just wanted a matte, protective base, Dry Touch Face is your only man! I think this particular sun cream is best suited to a no makeup day, where you want to look matte and perfected, maybe just with groomed brows and some mascara. Add a slick of a tinted lip balm and you're away! Protected and fabulous!

Dry Touch Face has an SPF of 30.

Overall, I thought the entire Soltan Range was very impressive, even managing to dispel some preconceived thoughts when it came to the BB and Dry Touch. I was delighted to find that the entire range was suitable for my skin, and worked well under makeup.

Will you be trying Soltan?
Let me know! 

xo, Amy

Soltan and Shemazing kindly sent me these 3 samples for review. I am not being paid for or swayed in my opinions by either party. All thoughts are my own, and my words are my own, also! xx

Friday, 7 August 2015

Things They Don't Tell You About: Sex (GIVEAWAY*)

Image: Pinterest. 
So this week, I'm going slightly risqué, and we're gonna dish the secrets about Sexy Time, with the good folks over at Durex!!! I am gonna make it personal. These are things I have learned since I became sexually active from the age of 18, to today, at the ripe old age of 23. I've been using Durex condoms since my very first time, I've tried the whole range, and I'm delighted to be partnering up with them!

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone underage sex, unprotected sex or anyone pressuring or coercing another person into any sexual activity. Consent, safety and legality are HUGELY important. Condoms are not the only means of contraception, and you should never rely on just one.

Now, read on to find out my five TTDTY and to find out more about my giveaway in partnership with Durex!

1. Waiting Does NOT Mean You're Weird! 

In school, when everyone was in a relationship and losing their virginity, I waited. I wasn't terribly bothered about giving it up to some shmuck from my year. Honestly, it wasn't on my mind. I knew others were doing it and I knew people thought I was weird, but I waited until I was 18, in a relationship and when I was 100% ready I made my decision. I am so glad I waited, and I'm not just saying that. If you want to wait, don't let anyone put you under pressure! When you're ready, you'll know... and if you need any information, Durex have you covered - heh, I made a funny!!!

2. Sometimes, Unsexy Things Happen! 

Sex is a workout and a half, so sometimes things happen that are the opposite of attractive and sexy. Cramps in your leg? I've had that!! Ouch, ouch, ouch! Slipping and falling? I've had that too - don't ask! I've bumped my head, I've injured my bed buddy. There are other things, though - unsexy things that aren't injuries. Ever had your them fart in the middle of the deed? ...Yeah, I have! My best advice? Laugh it off and don't worry about it. If you're like me, everything can be made better by laughing!

3. Communication is Key, and Also Kinda Sexy! 

When I say this, I don't just mean talking about sex, but also communicating during sex. Telling each other what you like and don't like, what you do and don't want to try, it's all good! Knowing each others likes and dislikes helps both of you to make it the most enjoyable experience possible. I find it incredibly sexy to know what pace my partner enjoys and I want my partner to know what feels good for me too. Try it!

4. Trying New Things is Fun!

Okay bare with me here; You trust your partner, and you are open with each other. If you want to try something new, to play in the bedroom in ways you have not before, broach your ideas with him or her. They will most likely be down for it! You wont know unless you ask. So long as you're not hurting anyone and the person you're getting jiggy with is cool with the things you want to try, you're onto a good thing! I'm trying new things all of the time - my bed buddy is a good teacher! ;)

5. Being in a Relationship is Nice, But You Don't Have To Be!

What I mean by this isn't what you think... If you know what you want, and you go out and get it, good for you! Going out to get laid doesn't make you a "slut", or a "man whore". Anyone who says so is a knob end. And that's a fact. If you have a Friend With Benefits like I do, or you go out on the "pull" in the club on a Friday night for one night of fun, or you're in a relationship, so long as you're safe, with full consent and legal, go for it! Sex is fun and it feels good. Once it's good for you and for the person you're getting down with, it's all cool in my book!!

Now, for the giveaway!

I'm giving one lucky reader a goodie bag full of treats from the gorgeous folks over at Durex. I'm not sure how to police this, but I'm going to do my best to keep this to people over the age of consent! All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter, and you're in with a chance!

The goodie bag contains a 14 pack of Real Feel Condoms, Feel Pleasure Gel, and a Play Vibrations Ring.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway closes at midnight on August 24th... Good Luck!!

If you're interested in what Durex have to offer, be it products or info, check out their website HERE

Be safe, and have fun! 


Durex kindly sponsored this post, however this is my own content and are my own experiences where mentioned! 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Red Review: Wilder Mind

It's common for me to say the following when it comes to a band I really really love - "I'm afraid to buy this album because I want it to be good so much I'm afraid to be disappointed by it..." I've said that for quite a few bands. It started with Cradle of Filth when they released Godspeed on Devils Thunder.

So when I spotted Wilder Mind in Tower Records, weeks and weeks ago, I kept my distance. I hadn't read any reviews, which I admit if I had maybe I would have bought it sooner. I told my friend and the girl who served me that I had high hopes for it. I had. And I wasn't terribly sure how well my hopes would fare because The Wolf isn't what I wanted it to be as a single. But, you guys know I adore Mumford and Sons, and so I took the risk, bit the bullet and made my purchase.

Oh, dear reader, how wrong I was. I take it all back. This record is stellar. It is however, very different from earlier Mumford and Sons offerings. I want to say this album is far more radio friendly, but M&S's popularity among all demographics speaks for itself. They are all kinds of radio friendly! What this record is, is more indie and less folk-y. It's everything I love about Mumford, combined with everything I love in music in general.

The opening track, which is also my favorite, Tompkins Square Park is an absolutely flawless. The opening riff lets you know right away that this is the same Mumford and Sons we all know and love, but reimagined and with a darker tone than the banjo playing, folk singing foursome have had before. The song itself follows a couple who are quickly disintegrating, shrouded in mystery. Despite the theme, the chorus is insanely catchy and I find myself listening to it twice or three times before I let the album play through. Standout lyrics include: "No flame burns forever. Oh no, you and I both know this all too well, most don't even last the night..." and "I only ever told you one lie, when it could have been a thousand..."

The title track, Wilder Mind, ebbs and flows with purpose and yet is mellow enough that you could chill out with this in the background while reading or chatting with friends. It's an exquisite example of songwriting, not that we should expect anything less from these guys, honestly!! This song has some lyrical gems like "You can be every little thing you want nobody to know...". Unf, it just gets me right in the soul.

A lot of the tracks on this album, like Only Love, Ditmas, Broad Shouldered, Beasts and The Wolf have incredibly pleasing, catchy choruses, and would be wonderful to hear live, no doubt. Just Smoke is the kind of track I could hear getting really big in a soundtrack for a winter movie.

All in all, I found this album to be right up there with Babel and Sigh No More. In fact, I might even place it higher because of the rough, dark sound. It just makes me happy right to my soul.

If you have been worried about this album dashing your hopes, don't worry anymore. This record is stellar.

Another 5 Star ***** from me!! 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

I've been dying to try out a balm cleanser, and when Natasha recommended this one to me, I had to try it out!! Balm cleansers are deeply nourishing in a way that cream and gel cleansers are not. So I've been trying it out for a few weeks and I've got some things to say about it!!

I was shocked at the color, its bright yellow!!! Then I realized it's almost solid in the tub, just enough give in it to allow you to scoop it out and melt with the warmth of your finger tips. When it is rubbed into the skin, it gently lifts any left over make-up with ease. It smells divine and leaves your skin feeling really plump afterwards.

I think this cleanser is more suited to the evening time for taking off makeup than for morning cleansing as it leaves a very rich residue on the skin which is perfect for sleeping on to hydrate overnight. I wouldn't even attempt to put makeup on after using this. It's much too decadent and dare I say greasy.

I do recommend this cleanser in general, because it's amazing. I also think it will last twice as long, because I would only say to use it before bed and not twice a day. That alone makes it worth the 13.99 price tag!

It was recommended to red, and red recommends!
Have you tried this balm cleanser?