Monday, 12 January 2015

Pamper Day Essentials

January. Freezing cold, howling winds, driving rain and the prospect of bills... Ick!!! Christmas is well and truly dead, folks!! With all the people aiming for healthier bodies, healthier minds and setting goals to blend the two together, it's important to remember the spirit. 

Pamper days make the whole body, mind and soul feel SO much better. From aching muscles to badgering thoughts and generally feeling run down, you need to take some me time. So, grab these essentials, and enjoy an afternoon to soothe your soul along with the mind and body. 


I've been revisiting my favourite band in a big way lately, but whatever you are loving at the moment will do. Pure Heroine by Lorde is a wonderful album for playing in the background because of the beats, if you're open to suggestion! Not everyone can relax to Finnish Love Metal like I can, eh?!

A Hot Bath or Shower. 

If you have a bath, run it. Put some nice bubbly scented foam in it and let the warm water melt your stress away. If like me, you've only got a shower, then find some beautifully scented shower stuff and a pouffe. Wash your hair first, and apply a hair masque (Penneys have a great Argan Oil one for 1.50 a tube!), let that sit while you get washed and relaxed. I prefer showers to baths because I can think better for some reason, but you can do whatever you prefer!! 

Slap On a Face Pack.

So many brands make amazing face packs. Montagne Jeunesse make single sachets in a wide variety, that you can pick up in Penneys and pharmacies nationwide for under 2 euro. They do mud, peel off, exfoliation, you name it, and they combat a variety of skin issues. If you feel more upmarket, you can get the Boots Essentials 3 Minute Clay Mask, or the No.7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask. Both of these options are incredible and can be used on all skin types! If when you're done with your mask you need another, Image Skincare do the most amazing Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque which you can actually leave on overnight, if you want. 


Now is the time to moisturise yourself, and then you can hop into that awful onesie you have hoarded for this very occasion!! I've been shuffling between Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip, Dove Silky Nourishing Body Cream and Argan Oil Body Butter, but obviously you can use whatever works for you. Once this step is complete, it's time for the onesie!

Do Your Nails. 

While your mask is doing the job, grab your nail kit, we all have one! Strip off the old chipped polish, and give yourself a nice manicure. I'm sure you know the steps, but if you don't, my gorgeous friend Kayliegh has you covered with her At Home Manicure Guide. Do your toes too, while your at it... I know you've been putting it off!! 

A Good Book. 

Put down the phone, flip down the laptop. Grab a good book, whatever you like to read. I always like to wind down with some good Chick-Lit or YA Fiction. LA Candy by Lauren Conrad is a great, easy, un-complicated read for just such and occasion!! If you need something more stimulating, you should pick up Woman in The Making by Rory "Panti Bliss" O'Neill. It's a riot, deeply moving and a wonderful love letter to Dublin City as it grew and changed into the city we know and love today. 

Pamper sessions aren't about looking good, but about doing things to make you feel good. The actions you take to relax and feel better will make you look lovely no matter what. Don't worry about your hair, you fabulous creature you!!! I know you're gorgeous under that turbie towel!! 

What are your go to Pamper Session Essentials??