Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Things They Don't Tell You About... Tattoos

People will always tell you all the things you should know about getting inked, the pain, the after-care, etc! But there are things people don't tell you. I don't claim to know it all, I'm not heavily tattooed by any standard, but I've enough indelible doodles on my body to know a little bit. 

Image: Ravenhart @ Deviantart via Google Images

People will look at you. 

Maybe in a negative way, or maybe they're admiring that amazing vibrant mandala on your elbow, but they will look, and possibly stare... They may pass comment too. That one can be more hurtful especially when it's negative, but you might as well be prepared. If they pass comment, just remember that they're usually not trying to be rude. 99% of people who've commented on my ink since I was 16 have not actually been arseholes, rather, their comments make them just seem like an arsehole. Do not rise to the person(s) who are looking/staring/commenting. 

Regret is okay. 

We as humans don't know what tomorrow is going to bring, much less ten years down the line, or by the time we are eighty. You might love your new old school sparrow today, tomorrow and for the next ten years, but if the day comes where you don't love it so much any-more, well, contrary to the prevailing opinion, that's okay too!! I've six (or eight, depending on your perspective) tattoos that I've accumulated since I was 16, and I'm going to say this right here, I kinda, sorta, maybe a little bit regret ONE of them. And even in saying that, regret may not be the right word. It's just not as great as it could have been. If in future I decided that I don't want it any-more, it's cool, I can get it lasered off or covered up. Never let anyone tell you that they "told you so" when you were twenty that you would regret it one day, that's not their place, and frankly it's rude and ignorant. 

Some people wont like your body art, and may ask you to cover it up. 

This one is not included in my first point because it's not the same. Out on the street, do what you want, wear what you want, nobody can say anything. However, if your lovely mammy or daddy or anyone who is a static part of your life has an issue with your body art and they broach the topic in a respectful manner about keeping it under wraps, you might be as well off to work with that person. Take work as an example; In my job, my boss doesn't really have an opinion on tattoos, they just are. However when he asked me nicely would I mind covering them in work, I was more than happy to comply. Why? Because I'm sound, and I understand that not everyone is as nice as he is about them. 

You're not a unique snowflake (No I don't mean it like that) 

Of course, there are instances where you have a 100% custom piece of work done and it's one of a kind, but all around the world there are people getting inked at all hours of the day, and there is going to be someone who has something similar, maybe the same subject matter or theme. You might think your lego superhero sleeve is the most original idea to come to light, but there's always gonna be a guy who has something the same or similar. You may be the only person with a certain combination of pieces, but no way are your individual pieces unique... sorry! Unless of course its a portrait or something, I suppose! 

Facebook messages will abound...

Sometimes when you're reasonably well coloured in, people will message you on Facebook totally out of the blue, including a link to some corner of the internet with something like "What do you think about this for my ankle?" underneath it... And you'll be expected to advise said person on the placement and design of whatever they're thinking about getting. Rest assured that the person wont get it, and will message you again in 6 months time with a new idea. 

Anything nice will surprise people...

You have a good job and you're rocking a chest piece? You mean you're not sitting on the dole having the taxpayers pay for your body art?! Wow!! You have a strong religious faith and have a set of sleeves?? No way!! You have 3 lovely, charming, well mannered kids and a husband who love you and respects you? How can that be?! People don't expect high achievement from tattooed folks even in this day and age. They don't expect eloquence or manners or any nice qualities in general... It's so annoying. I can have tattoos and still be a moral, ethical, polite and well rounded human. In fact, you probably wont find nicer people than the coloured in kind! 

I hope that this was mildly enjoyable to read, and I hope you enjoy my TTDTYA... series! 

Leave a comment down below if there are any topics you want me to cover!